1 in 5 LGBT+ users finds that advertisements aimed at them miss being displayed.

According to a Nielsen study, 1 in 10 LGBT+ people were targeted by advertisements based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, but only 1 in 5 considered a positive experience.

LGBT+ respondents said they think about ways advertisers can improve inclusion, such as avoiding stereotypes (50%), portraying LGBT+ people more realistically (44%), and engaging with the community when planning and creating ads (37%). We made several recommendations. ).

This study, conducted in collaboration with Dynata, examined the inclusiveness of programming and advertising content and media consumption in general by the LGBT+ community.

It’s not just brands that aren’t relevant to LGBT+ individuals. Media inclusiveness is also lacking (though things are improving). 63% of the LGBT+ community thought the media industry improved in both programming and advertising content in 2010. last two years.

Not surprisingly, traditional media formats were found to be less inclusive than digital formats, with one in five respondents viewing radio, newspaper and magazine content as the least inclusive channels.

Conversely, a quarter of respondents said their content includes channels such as social, streaming on demand, and influencer content. On-demand services took first place. 68% of LGBT+ users generally watch BBC iPlayer (before Netflix), a larger proportion than the general population. LGBT+ people are 16% more likely to watch iPlayer than the UK population.

The ostensibly outdated advertising sector was also less comprehensive in its advertising message. Insurance, financial services and auto companies were considered less inclusive than fashion/apparel, beauty, travel and tourism, which were considered more inclusive.

Amanda Woodley, Head of Media Analytics at Nielsen Business Resource Group and Head of UK Pride, said: The most recent modern forms of media are now more aligned with the needs of the LGBT+ community.

“But to deliver more inclusive content, we also need to focus on more traditional forms of offline media. The media, advertising and measurement industries are where people are at the center of everything we do and advertising to the LGBT+ community is on the way during Pride Month. Let’s prioritize inclusiveness throughout the year, not just inclusive advertising.”

The study was conducted with 625 respondents from the LGBT+ community.

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