10-year-old Texas mass shooting victim tries to call 911 to save someone else

10-year-old Amerie Jo Garza is remembered as a hero after calling 911 before her tragic death.

Amerie Jo has been identified as one of 19 children killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday.

in an interview with daily beastHer grandmother Berlinda Irene Arreola said her granddaughter bravely picked up the phone when Salvador Ramos, 18, suddenly ran into the classroom and said, “You’re going to die”.

“So the gunman went in and said to the kids, ‘You’re going to die.’ And [Amerie] She had a phone and she called 911. Then he grabbed her and shot her instead of breaking her or taking it from her. She was sitting right next to her best friend. Her best friend was covered in blood,” she said.

Police confirmed that all 21 victims (19 children and 2 teachers) were in Amerie Jo’s classroom. Ramos, who used a pistol and rifle in the attack, was also shot and killed by police.

Amerie Jo Garza, 10, poses with her stepfather Angel Garza.


“My granddaughter was shot dead while calling 911. She died a hero trying to help her and her fellow classmates,” Ms Arreola continued.

“She was very outgoing. She had a generous heart. She was always there to reach out to someone. She was very quick to become a teacher’s pet.”

On the same day that her life was brutally sacrificed, Areola noted that her keen granddaughter had just received an AB Honor Roll Award.

“She was very clever and looked forward to living a life for herself.”

Amerie Jo’s family spent Tuesday afternoons and evenings doing what can only be described as every parent’s nightmare. Waiting to hear from her where her missing daughter was after a violent massacre at her elementary school.

Amerie Jo’s stepfather, Angel Garza, turned to social media for more information.

Along with the heart emoji, he wrote, “I don’t post much or request very little here, but please, 7 hours have passed and I still haven’t heard anything about my love.” “Help me find my daughter.”

Texas elementary school shooting victims: Uziyah Garcia, Amerie Jo Garza, Jose Flores Jr and Xavier Javier Lopez.

(Manny Renfro/AP/Facebook/family handout)

Mr Garza, who has raised Amerie Jo as a baby next to her mother, posted the news on Facebook that evening that he would have been afraid to receive all day.

“Thank you to everyone who prayed and helped find the baby. she was found My little love is flying high now… ” he wrote. “Please don’t take a second for granted,” he wrote. “Hug my family. Tell them you love them. I love you america joe. Take care of your brother for me.”

Less than 24 hours after hearing a follow-up post on Wednesday morning that his daughter was alleged to have been one of Tuesday’s massacre victims, Garza shared another post on Facebook commemorating his “adorable baby.”

“Oh, my sweet baby, I love you so much” along with this time added an emoticon of broken heart. “I’ll never be happy or perfect again,” he added, heartily sharing a pair of photos of the 10-year-old girl.

One is holding what appears to be a three-year-old brother, the other is posing with her hands on her hips and a set of birthday balloons with the number 8 floating to the side.

Just two weeks before the fatal shooting, Amelie Jo celebrated her 10th birthday.

The victims’ identities are still being identified in Uvalde, but they have been identified as including nine-year-old Uziyah Garcia and Amerie Jo Garza, Makenna Lee Elrod, Xavier Javier Lopez, Jose Flores, Navaeh Brown, Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez and Ellie Lugo. 10.

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