100 Thieves Fuslie Leaves Twitch To Move To YouTube With Exclusive Gaming Deals

100 Thieves’ popular Twitch streamer Fuslie has now decided to leave Twitch and switch to YouTube gaming. This isn’t the first time someone on Twitch has left the platform to start their journey on YouTube. Previously, some popular streamers have opted to switch to this platform. So when does Fuslie stream on YouTube?

If you want to leave Twitch and start streaming on YouTube, learn more about Fuslie.

A Little About 100 Thief’s Fusley

Fuslie is a popular American Twitch streamer whose real name is Leslie Ann Fu. She is a 29-year-old streamer for the gaming organization 100 Thieves. She started her journey as a streamer on Twitch in 2015. Since then, she has been gaining popularity on the platform.

Besides being popular on Twitch, Fuslie also has a YouTube channel. Now she is leaving Twitch to start her game streaming journey on YouTube. She recently shared her plans to leave Twitch.

Fuslie leaves Twitch for YouTube games

On September 6th, 100 Thieves’ Fuslie revealed plans to leave Twitch. She will now be streaming on YouTube under her exclusive contract. So her last Twitch stream came on September 1st at midnight. Meanwhile, before leaving Twitch, she shared an emotional post expressing her gratitude to the Twitch community and her immense love and support.

But now, she’ll soon be releasing a YouTube-exclusive streaming with an exclusive contract. Don’t forget, Fuslie has a default channel on YouTube and many more. Where she has thousands of followers. Her first YouTube broadcast is September 7th.

Streamers Leave Twitch for YouTube Gaming

Before Fuslie, many popular streamers left Twitch and came to YouTube. Initially when there was CouRage, Valkyrae switched from Twitch to YouTube gaming. Aside from that, several other streamers have also opted to switch to YouTube.

Ludwig, Sykunno, Lily Pichu and many more streamers followed the same platform transition. Also, YouTube games are becoming more popular than Twitch game streaming. This is why more and more streamers are leaving Twitch for YouTube.

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