13 features to improve your Google Docs experience

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i posted 5 useful things you can do with Google Docs last week. This is a follow-up to a handy but hidden Google Docs feature.

1. Instant text translation

Share documents in different languages. The original is preserved. Google Docs only needs to create a translated copy of your document. It’s not human quality, but the gist is enough.
how: move Tools > Translate document.

2. Continuous word count display

Word counter, joy! This is new. Displays a permanent count in the lower left corner of the edit window.
how: move Tools > Word Count—or Command-Shift-C — and select “Show word count while typing.”

3. Create a web page from a document

Publish your documents to the web quickly, easily, and for free. In an emergency, this can be a convenient way to create public web pages. You can also turn it into a community wiki by making it publicly editable. This approach has been used to provide emergency information and track people’s safety after natural disasters.
how: move to File menu click post on the web.

4. Create Typing Shortcuts

You can instruct Google Docs to expand short phrases or character combinations that you type. This is useful for long words or phrases that you type frequently. You can set it as an e-mail address, postal address, or frequently misspelled words. Enter “myemail” or any character or phrase of your choice and Google Docs will automatically expand it to your email address.
how: To set up a shortcut, go to: Tools > Preferences, Then Choose substitute It’s in the upper right corner.

5. Confirm Changes

version history It’s a great tool to see what people have changed without having to go through every sentence manually. You can see at a glance who made changes, when and what.
how: move File > Version History

6. Name Version

If you are editing a document and end up with multiple versions, go to: File > Version History And “Name the version” Give the version you are working on a specific name. Like “Jane’s edit” or “a pre-published version without images” or anything else that means anything to you.
how: Here is a 30 second video demo.

7. Add Table of Contents

For long documents, automatically generate a table of contents (TOC) so people can quickly find what they need. Place the cursor where you want the table of contents to appear.
how: Choose Insert > Table of Contents Decide if you want the link to be black or blue. Choose the black option for a clean look. Then, use the Format menu to style the section headers to adjust the main headings of the document so that they appear in the table of contents. Here Step-by-step help if you need it.

8. Organize your documents

Use horizontal line breaks to organize long documents into cleaner sections.
how: use Insert > Horizontal Line

9. Add a GIF to add a visual description or bring your document to life.

Add visual movement right next to words using GIFs. This is a great way to troubleshoot not being able to embed videos.
how: move Insert > Image Upload a GIF.

To see examples of GIFs in Google Docs or to add your own, click My cat gibberish public document. Test it by inserting a GIF.

10. Use a larger font

Large text is easy to read. It may seem strange at first, but people will love the readability of your documents. Use size 14 if you can avoid it. see that second page cat gibberish article See the difference large fonts make.

11. Use Georgia or Ralway

This font is easy to read, elegant and professional. For more font options, click the Font button in the tool palette, then more fonts Add alternatives.

12. Type doc.new into Chrome’s address bar to instantly create a new document.

Skip the navigation step and start working on a new document immediately. It also works by typing sheet.new, slide.new, form.new, site.new or cal.new to create an on-the-fly Google Sheets, Slide, Form, Site or Calendar event.

13. Create a highlighter effect

how: Select the text, click the Highlighter button, and choose Light Yellow.

Google Docs Alternatives

Some people prefer the latest generation of clean and simple online writing apps.

Popular apps in this context include: bear, Ulysses, calm writerAnd checkers. They aim for a “non-distractive” writing space with a minimal menu so you can focus on the word. Hemingway An interesting alternative that automatically highlights how you can sharpen your text.

Jeremy Caplan is the Director of Teaching and Learning at CUNY’s Newmark Graduate School of Journalism and Founder of the Wonder Tools newsletter.

This article is republished with permission from the newsletter Wonder Tools. It helps you find the most useful sites and apps.. Subscribe here.

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