15 Real Media Kit Examples Influencers Use to Get Brand Sponsorship

  • Brand sponsorship is a major source of income for many influencers.
  • One of the first things advertisers ask during a presentation is to see the creator’s media kit.
  • The creators of YouTube, Instagram and TikTok have shared the exact documentation they use.

Many influencers, especially those who work primarily on Instagram, say brand sponsorship is their main source of income.

To get brand deals, influencers often use media kits as a tool to show their value to the company. Including performance indicators in your media kit is just as important as highlighting your content, says Alessandro Bogliari, Co-Founder and CEO of Influencer Marketing Factory.

“Brands are increasingly asking for historical data on how past brand campaigns involving influencers have performed,” Bogliari told Insider. “As an agency, we work tirelessly to get this kind of data and predict the outcome of our campaigns.”

Media kits often contain information about the brands and audience demographics the creators have worked on.

Influencers send this document to each brand they work on and keep it up to date, adding new metrics and collaboration details every few months. Some of them said they have different media kits depending on the type and scope of the brands they are pitching.

“A media kit should reflect how you can promote anything in a business context,” says Karlie Place, who creates travel content and has nearly a million TikTok followers. She said, “I want a proof of concept and I can say, ‘Here’s a solid example of the ROI that a similar collaboration has brought.'”

Many creators find inspiration in sales materials and business presentations.

“I wanted to be seen as a professional and entrepreneur,” said Florence Williams, micro-influencer and social media coach. “I started looking into professional sales decks and thought, ‘I can do it completely for my industry,'” she said.

Here are 15 examples of real influencer media kits from YouTube, Instagram and TikTok stars (sorted by number of followers):

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