2022 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings Grade

with 2022 NFL The time has come for the draft of the book, all ratings and reactions.

We’ve gathered several expert opinions on how the Minnesota Vikings performed in this year’s draft, which began with a trade with the Detroit Lions.

This was the first draft by Kwesi Adofo-Mensah as General Manager of Vikings and the first draft for many people in the front office.

Here’s what experts say about the choice:

Rob LangFoxSports.com

Grade: C+

“Few clubs have checked the box more emphatically in the 2022 NFL Draft than the Vikings in terms of addressing the team’s biggest needs. And that’s with potential new generals Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and manager Kevin O’Connell. It says it should work, and it still places the Vikings 4th in the NFC North category, which is still nicely drafted.

The Vikings surrendered 34 touchdowns through the air a year ago, but only collected 7 interceptions. That profound touchdown-to-interception ratio completely sealed the fate of defense-oriented manager Mike Zimmer. The Vikings expect to significantly improve this figure in 2022. The strong Luis Cine is safe and cornerback Andrew Booth (I think 42 stolen) is at the top of the rookie class.”

Nate Davis, USA Today

Grade: B

“The first draft of the new GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah lacked sex appeal, but it was definitely what the Vikes needed. Completely satisfied with his swing trades with division rivals Packers and Lions, Adofo-Mensah said S Lewis from the board. Worked in the process of adding Cine, CB Andrew Booth, G Ed Ingram and LB Brian Asamoah in the first 66. All projects are opener starters, especially for the Minnesota defense who have consistently betrayed this attack in recent seasons. It’s important.”

Mel Kiefer Jr., ESPN

Grade: B-

“Adofo-Mensah’s first draft from Minnesota featured some wheeling and handling. He traded rivals Lions (which I like) and Packers (which I don’t like). The result was two players in Game 2 at Lewis Cine. A potential starting pitcher (32), versatile, chunky safety and cornerback Andrew Booth, Jr. (42) was somewhat inconsistent last season: the Vikings signed up to fill the starting guard spot with Ed Ingram (59). “Strength and mobility were worth an early third-day pick. Brian Asamoah (66) is a fun but undersized inside linebacker that fits their plan.”

mark mask, Washington Post

Grade: B-

“The Vikings were traded down at 12 in the first round and appeared as a deep class that probably lacked someone to make a difference. They used S Lewis Cine to close the first round and definitely helped by bringing CB Andrew Booth in the second round. improved.”

Eric Edholm, Yahoo Sports

Grade: B-

“The Vikings didn’t bring the top 20 players in this draft class, but they did add tremendous depth in the end. Now with the new regime it can be important to get their players into the locker room. We know that Adofo-Mensah has been “You don’t know exactly why they were traded down. Perhaps Vikes still got his favorite pick before passing the time, but once you look back on their draft class they become starters in a short period of time.”

Doug Farrar and Michael Schofield, TD Wire (USA TODAY Sports)

Class A-

“The Vikings agreed to move from 12 to 32 in their trade with the Lions and still got the second best safety in this draft class at Lewis Cine. Cine hammers with violent intent and range and athleticism to win everything. And Minnesota has a legal cornerback and an NFL receiver that can press and playoffs from Andrew Booth and have comparable range to an NFL receiver, filling another huge need, and Brian Asamoah nurturing the Vikings professionally over time. He is a kind of three-down ‘backer’ who has the ability to make a name for himself. [sixth] When the rounds ended and George Calaftis climbed to the top last season, he gave everything he could handle. This draft looks successful in that they can get extra picks and still fill in some really bad assistants.”

Chad Reuters, NFL.com

Class A-

“The Vikings got a great draft pick in their trade with desperate division rivals Detroit and Green Bay. The assistant team needed help and got two immediate contributors from Cine and Booth, who would have been first-round runners if not for injuries. A promising future starter inside Ingram’s, Asamoah is the ball hunter needed for the Vikings’ new 3-4 plan.”

Connor Orr, Sports Illustrated

Grade: D-

“We’ve spent a lot of time hearing rightfully about Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, who came to Minnesota with great promise as the type of executive who could finally bridge the gap between analytics and workforce. But for a team with some clear needs, It’s hard to go up and down from pick 12 to pick 32 and don’t make more money Minnesota’s first pick had a handful of premium players left in round 1 instead, stepping back and making up for round 2. If you stayed at 12 you’d get With a handful of players who are slightly less talented than they were. Booth is a gem of this class and feels a bit underrated. The physics he showed off in college was against ACC wide receivers, but he was a bit of a hit against some physical pass catchers. We have hand fighting skills that need to be translated quickly in NFC North.”

Vinnie Iyer, Sports News

Class A-

“The Vikings took a bit of a hit because they made multi-division trades to help the Packers and Lions, but otherwise GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah had a good first draft to help fellow rookie coach Kevin O’Connell. Booth is a great complement, I can learn well from Harrison Smith and Patrick Peterson, they throw back to load the improved defensive depth that is welcome at all levels Ingram also has a good chance to start somewhere inside for offense There is. [Ty] chandler, [Jalen] with nailer [Nick] Muse adds good attack power to the lower roster.”

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