2022 NFL Schedule: Take a look at 6 of the best social media reveals, including epic videos from the Chargers

The NFL 2022 schedule has been officially canceled. On Thursday, the league announced all 272 games scheduled for the season (the full schedule is below), making it a major TV event since it’s the NFL.

The team uses the schedule public as an opportunity to promote it on social media. Over the past few years, many teams have gone beyond revealing basic schedule graphics, finding creative ways to reveal opposing teams and upcoming season times.

some teams really Take the reveal of your schedule seriously and prepare a very complex video of the day.

Some of the 32 teams had more social media influence than others. I went through all the calendar releases and picked some of the best. take a look:

Don’t miss the Chargers social media team, and Thursday night was no exception. The team has released an animated video that is creative, engaging, and fun to watch. The graphics, the music, and the battles between the teams were perfectly executed.

If you’re a Patriots fan, you know who Ernie Adams is. He is an iconic yet mysterious now retired team member. Adams famously appeared in the 2014 NFL Films Patriots documentary in front of a whiteboard that only had “Pink Stripes” written on it. Confusion about what that might mean is still unknown, but Adams’ attitude along with his attitude immediately made him a star in New England.

Most teams have highly crafted videos for their schedule announcements, but nothing is more important to the Pats brand than having Adams read the game in front of a whiteboard. So I like this reveal.

You would have expected cinematic videos from the LA-based team. The Rams also made a similar video for the NFL Draft, and it’s wise for the social media team to move on with the story for the release of the schedule.

Grab some popcorn for this.

What I like about Bengals’ schedule reveal is that with each game shown, it feels like you’re looking for clever details added to the graphics. They created the schedule using stock photos and Photoshop, and the photos included tell the story of each team they will face this season.

The Falcons may not win many games, but they have won on social media. It looks like a fun game, and the mini figures representing each team were so cute. This video takes you on a journey through the seasons.

It’s fun for the fans when the team brings a retired legend back, and it’ll be fun to have someone like Eli Manning. Manning calls himself an elite and pierces through enemies as if asking who the commander is.

It’s not overproduced, but it still works great.

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