2022 NFL Schedule: Tom Brady-Patrick Mahomes Rematch Headlines 10 Must-See Games of the Upcoming Season

The NFL has revealed the schedule and now that all matchups are officially known, we can be really excited about the upcoming season. Let’s face it, we’re excited about the 2022 season from when the clock struck 0:00 in Super Bowl LVI.

Looking at the matches of the upcoming 18-week regular season, it is clear that some matches will be better than others. have I was surprised before.

A few matchups are in the spotlight before these teams can even play a game. I’ve broken down the 2022 NFL schedule and narrowed it down to the 10 best games to watch next year after a few tough cuts.

Apologies in advance if the team did not pass the cut.

Buccaneers vs. Chiefs: Week 4

Tom Brady? Patrick Mahomes? Super Bowl LV rematch? Join us. It’s old GOAT vs young superstars and if this game isn’t fun, it’s going to be a shock of the season.

The game is scheduled for “Sunday Night Football,” so you can watch this QB showdown wherever you are.

Brady and Mahomes have met five times, and Brady won their first regular season encounter, the 2018 AFC Championship and Super Bowl LV. Mahomes won two regular season matches against Brady and the Patriots between the 2018 AFC Championship and the Super Bowl.

Buccaneer v Packers: Week 3

You should have done the Tom Brady section. Brady’s face off against Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers will be a must-see this season, so make it on your schedule now. Brady retired just a few months ago and before that, Rodgers’ future at Green Bay was uncertain, but both players have returned to their legitimate teams and should give us an aggressive showdown.

This will also be a rematch for the 2020 NFC Championship, where the Bucks beat the Packers at Green Bay and head to the Super Bowl as the first home team of the championship.

With time running out for another ring, Rodgers will be under pressure to compete with other top NFC QBs.

Patriots vs. Raiders: Week 15

This matchup will feature Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and his former attacking coordinator Josh McDaniels (now coach of the Las Vegas Raiders).

Former Patriots quarterback Jared Stidham is also reunited with old teammates, but Vegas, the latest addition to the quarterback room, won’t see playtime unless Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is injured or explodes.

Beating his old coordinator and beating a good team on the road will help Mac Jones prove he’s the “man” of New England.

The NFL put this match on “Sunday Night Football,” so obviously agree that it’s a game worth watching.

Bills vs. Rams: Week 1

I couldn’t stand the banner ceremonies game, especially with the team that won the Super Bowl at their home stadium.

The Rams kick off the 2022 season by hosting the Bills at SoFi Stadium on September 8.

This is also a great AFC vs. NFC fight, and would you dare say it could be another possible Super Bowl preview? This is an early prediction, but a very probable one.

The Rams have the core building blocks they had last season and could return to the big game under Sean McVay and it seems it’s only a matter of time before Buffalo quarterbacks Josh Allen and Co. make it to the Super Bowl.

Bills vs. Packers: Week 8

Well, what do we have here… Another possible Super Bowl preview?! Yes, that’s what we have. How interesting to us.

These are the two best teams in the conference and we should be treated as Allen and Rodgers are running these offenses.

If you ask me or most people, the Bills should have gone to the Super Bowl with Allen now and Rodgers should have had more than one ring. These are the two teams that are under the most pressure at the start of the season for me.

I don’t have a skin in the game for this matchup, but my only hope is that it goes into overtime and ends with a bit of rough play.

Ravens vs. Bengals: Weeks 5 and 18

This division matchup really They proved themselves last season (Bengal) against a team that struggled with injuries last season (Ravens), but they have a firm chance to turn things around as a strong playoff side this year (Ravens).

The Bengals’ 2021 season was no coincidence and we expect them to be AFC North division winners. The Ravens obviously need to stay healthy, but quarterback Lamar Jackson could be at the top of the quarterback conversation again this year.

Playing against opponents in the division and defending AFC champions is important, and being able to split or win the two matchups or at least be close in each game will show the league that the Ravens are really here to compete this time around.

Charger vs. Bronco: Weeks 6 and 18

Shall we continue this division matchup theme?

I like what the Chargers have built, and while the past hasn’t been enough to extend a season into the playoffs, their time is coming. Quarterback Justin Herbert has real talent and it won’t be easy in LA this year as AFC West is full of the best QBs.

Division wins matter, with many claiming to be the best division in football this year.

On the other side of the ball is the Broncos, who haven’t been the subject of playoff conversations in recent history but are now led by quarterback Russell Wilson. Everything has changed.

This is another instance where someone from the top quarterbacks of the previous generation goes up against someone from the top quarterbacks of the new generation and here I am.

Steelers vs. Browns: Weeks 3 and 18

This isn’t the best as far as X and O go, but drama.

These teams don’t exactly like each other, and judging by the fact that Steelers’ Chase Claypool mentioned the Browns before picking their team in the NFL Draft, the playoff loss two seasons ago still shows Pittsburgh tormenting.

This will also be an interesting watch from a quarterback’s point of view, as both teams will enter a new era behind the center. The Browns went all-in on Deshaun Watson and with Ben Roethlisberger retiring, the Steelers hope their first-round draft pick, Kenny Pickett, will be their future.

This division matchup may not have the best quarterbacks, but it has a history of rivals and enough unknowns to make these two games interesting.

The Browns may not be the team we all thought they were at this point where they once showed Super Bowl hopes but are now showing they aren’t. An honorable mention of the Browns is to Watson’s former team, the Houston Texans, at Week 13.

Cardinals v. Rams: Weeks 3 and 10

The last time these two teams met, it wasn’t very good for quarterbacks Kyler Murray and the Cardinals.

In last season’s wildcard round, Murray threw two interceptions and no touchdowns in a match that didn’t impress anyone. Rams convincingly won 34-11 on the way to winning the Super Bowl.

Los Angeles will have the upper hand and there are still many questions about Murray’s future success in the league, but we all know he can throw the curve in a division game (Kyler’s baseball pun).

Seahawks vs. Broncos: Week 1

CBS Sports’ Bryan DeArdo called it one of the best revenge games of the season, and I couldn’t help but put it in there. It’s a matchup to watch whenever a famous player faces an ex-team, especially if only one offseason is taken out of the trade.

Forget the real game. It will be an exciting, exciting and exciting game. And you can throw any word. I want to talk for a moment about the off-field moments that this matchup will bring us.

We’ll be reuniting with Wilson’s former head coach Pete Carroll. Pre-match and post-match quotes from both sides of the ex-player and the former team and what it’s like to be heading back to play in front of the fans who number 3 is called upon. It will be yours for your entire career so far. And all of that doesn’t even include what will actually happen when the watch is working.

Just because Wilson goes back to Lumen Field for the Bronco, I hope he doesn’t get into the habit of throwing the ball at the blue and green players rather than the orange ones.

All in all, I think of this “Monday Night Football: Being able to watch the game”.

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