2022 PGA Championship: Justin Thomas demonstrates composure as he capitalizes on a valuable opportunity for his second major win.

TULSA, Okla — Major championships are precious. There are around 550 individual bids to win the biggest event of the year, but only four trophies have been split over the months. Less than 1% of teeers in the four majors each year leave completely satisfied.

At the 2022 PGA Championship, for a while, it seemed like someone was leaving, not only satisfied, but also shocked. Their eighth major, the Southern Hills Country Club, advanced to Sunday’s final at the Southern Hills Country Club, bringing together the top four leaderboards Mito Ferreira, Matt Fitzpatrick, Will Zlatoris and Cameron Young, bringing together zero PGA Tour wins and five major tops in their careers. 10.

Sunday’s victory would have changed the life of any of the four. Three-quarters of the group said the Korn Ferry Tour day was still so fresh that internalizing this monumental moment felt like trying to grab the water with their hands.

Justin Thomas knew this.

Hitting the ball 67-67-74 was a dizzying look with less mechanical movement rather than an artistic arrangement, after which he pulled back seven to advance to Sunday’s finals. Still, he was more hopeful than he thought.

“I remember how hard it was and I remember how hard it is to win now,” Thomas said. “So I knew I was going to be nervous and I knew they would feel the same way.”

JT played in waves two strokes harder than their opponents late Thursday and early Friday. His golf was so good in his first two days that he beat all but one player in that draw by five strokes.

Everything was a show. Thomas moved the ball so carefully early in the week that it looked like Jim “Bones” Mackay was controlling the ball with a remote control. Most modern players choose to draw by numbers. Thomas could even free up space in the museum by reaching for the vast array of brushes at his disposal.

Still, I couldn’t make it to the weekend due to a difficult draw. It will get worse before it gets better. The 74 on Saturday was two-under-par, 700 behind the 54-hole lead Pereira. Thomas was almost buried on the board. Surprisingly, one of the few real opportunities he had to win a major appeared to have disappeared before it could fully materialize.

Thomas was one of the last players to enter the range on Saturday evening, but he was more upbeat than expected after 74 took one of the few valuable runs of another major trophy from the best hands of professional golf.

He hit the ball for a while, got some words of encouragement from Bones, and told JT that he shouldn’t be too disappointed in himself. Thomas seemed to take it to heart. He ended Saturday by signing flags one by one for the children who waited all day waiting for his signature.

“I left this place with a great heart,” Thomas said. [I was] Last player here. …it was so peaceful. It was eerie how beautiful it was outside. There aren’t many instances where I’m as good as I thought after shooting a four over par at a major on Saturday. [here].”

Thomas started off unnoticed on Sunday, hitting an even par 35 from the front nine. After a week of two-under par in 10th place, Data Golf fixed their odds of winning at 0.4%. In other words, it would be a miracle.

Then something happened that reminded me of his last major win, the 2017 PGA Championship at Quail Hollow. JT putt 65 feet on the 11th hole, half bowed to the crowd and tipped his hat. You caught a birdie in the last round when you won the Wanamaker Trophy last time.

Thomas birdied 12 times and missed a birdie putt on 15, which would have knocked the house down. It seemed to be a scene that would make me regret looking back at that time.

Birdie up and down on the par 4 17th hole. Bones said It was harder than it looked. We caught JT 5 under par, where a powerful 18 was waiting. Thomas ripped a head high cutter off the tee and hit a championship caliber iron into the right pin.

“It’s really great.” said Thomas. “Really, there’s no other way to explain it. I mean, the 18 prescribed iron shot is why I play golf. So, that’s why I practice. With all the time and everything and time invested, you I want to be in the scenario and I want to be in that situation, with the whole gallery up there as a background, I know I’m arguing.

“It’s hard to explain, but it feels like a chill all over my body.”

Thomas once again missed an expensive putt. He hit the 17s and 18s as best as he could, but he didn’t know if a third 67 in the fourth round would be enough. JT, as the clubhouse leader at 5 under par, leaned against the table, legs crossed, and headed for the scoring tent to watch the play unfolding behind him on the course.

Shortly before moving to a more private place to watch the end of the tournament, Thomas lifted his head and didn’t say anything in particular. “I wish you the best.”

he got it

Zalatoris creaked in the house with Thomas at 5 under par as a clutch birdie at the end, finishing a 1 over par in the back nine.

Ferreira, who played the first seven holes of a back nine in one over, left a birdie putt on the 17th hole, one round less than the cup short, and the 54th lead went to the 18th hole because it needed a par. His drive on the final hole of the tournament seemed like a check swing and someone walking with me said, “I felt like I was electrocuted at impact.”

made by pereira heartbreaking double view On the 18th, they failed to advance to the playoffs.

Everything goes fast once the major is over.

Thomas was kicked out to the other end of the driving range the players had been hitting all week. No divots found.

CBS announcer Colt Knost gave him a live performance as soon as the play was over, according to regulations. From there, he was loaded onto a cart and headed to the 13th tee, where the three-hole framing playoff began.

Meanwhile, an impromptu parade took place. “JT! JT!” Mud, sweat, and hamburger smoke mixed with a specific odor that can only be found in a major. It was established through the playoffs.

Thomas and Zalatoris made a birdie on the par 5 13th hole. JT’s father, Mike, looked like he was getting ready to raise the roof to the crowd surrounding the green.

Such an ordinary major quickly became a masterpiece.

As Thomas walked down 17th Street, the crowd shouted, “Mom, you’re a bad person.” that before JT hit the tournament hit on the second to last hole. The high-hanging missile overturned on its own, hit the front of the green and landed 34 feet from the cup. He two putt for birdie while Zalatoris made a par.

Bones got to JT ears on the 18th tee The Famous Draymond Green Kevin Durant GIFAnd Thomas delivered another 1-2 punch for par on the toughest hole of the week.

The third-largest 54-hole comeback in major championship history (the largest of this century) has been completed. When Thomas, who had been usually calm, collapsed, Jala Toris took off his hat and clapped his hands from afar.

When asked about his feelings later, Thomas said, “I think it’s too hard to win.” “Yeah, I think it’s harder to win now than when I first came out on the Tour. …I think it’s easy to get a little bit of doubt infiltrated. [think], ‘Okay, what will happen? When will it happen? is will it happen?’

“I was just finishing 18th in the playoffs, and I knew it wasn’t over, but I didn’t know when this could ever happen again, so I wanted to put it up. I can’t believe it, the cool feeling I just want to enjoy.”

Your major is important. Few of them and so many great players are competing to take them home. Thomas learned his feelings on the 18th in the years between the 2017 PGA Championship and this one. After he won his first major at the young age of 24, it always feels like it’s starting to flow. And they don’t.

The last five years have brought absurd champions. Scottie Scheffler, Jon Rahm, Collin Morikwa, Dustin Johnson, Hideki Matsuyama, Brooks Koepka, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau have won at least one since Thomas’s last win.

Even the star golfers of their careers can properly score a couple of times in a major championship on Sunday afternoons. If you’re lucky.

After finishing the game at 275 at bat, Thomas headed to the clubhouse, passing PGA of America staff handling the giant Wanamaker trophy.

The handler, in his polo and vest, carried this 27-pound, 28-inch tall cup as Thomas climbed next to him. The trophy was covered with a blue velvet protective cover. It’s been a while.

For another 20 minutes, the moment seemed to be a metaphor for Thomas’s Day and this extension of his career.

He played so well for years with no big games to show. He played great for three days in a row, and one day was just too bad. The men with the trophy roamed the hills towards those ahead of Thomas on the unfinished leaderboard.

No one covered the trophy and JT made it to the playoffs.

When it reached #18 for the second time on Sunday, Wannamaker was exposed for all to see. It reflected the setting sun in the sky over Oklahoma, where Tiger Woods last saw the major championship win in 2007.

At the time, Thomas was still a teenager, and the idea that Tiger would one day become close friends was a dream that was certainly incomprehensible to him at the time. Now they are the last two golfers to win a major in the Southern Hills.

Thomas said No. As we passed through the crowd surrounding 18, the uncovered trophy was shining and waiting to be held.

JT had another valuable major.


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