22 mouth-watering bagel sandwiches to upgrade your breakfast or lunch

Few things in life are more satisfying than a bagel sandwich. Whole wheat and egg bagels are perfectly delicious. But you can use something that offers a little more. All bagels are loaded with great seasonings, and the Asiago Cheese Bagels add an interesting element of cheese flavor to bagel sandwiches. Pumper nickel, sesame seeds, spinach, poppy seeds, jalapenos and onions are all excellent choices.

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The best bagel sandwich recipes for breakfast or lunch

Imagine filling your favorite bagel with eggs, cheese, avocado and ham and making the best breakfast bagel sandwich ever. And the fillings are endless for lunch. Think cream cheese, sprouts, and cucumbers. Chicken salad, egg salad, avocado salad, turkey, and hot steak and cheese are all great choices for making bagel sandwiches for lunch. Still missing bagel sandwiches?

22 slideshow gallery by clicking Best Bagel Sandwich To make breakfast or lunch. You’ll be drooling at every photo of these bagels with creative ingredients stacked on top of each other! The slideshow collection features popular menu items such as the Avocado Bagel Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich, Italian Salami Bagel Sandwich, Steak and Cheese Bagel Sandwich, and Whole Bagel Sandwich with Egg. All of these recipes are amazing and you will have a hard time deciding which sandwich you want to make with a bagel!

Here are some sandwich recipes you can try.

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Bagel Sandwiches

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