3 is back with a fresh move.

Today, the Swedish news agency 3 launched a new film, following the brand’s in-house agency in partnership with creative agency B-Reel, director Andreas Nilsson and production company Bacon.

In an industry where all mobile brands offer pretty much the same, 3 wants to be known as Sweden’s ‘Trevligt network’. And for those abroad, ‘treblit’ translates into ‘good’ in Swedish.

After a love story between a woman at a karaoke bar and three men at the brand’s previous branch, the new film takes us to the surrealist-inspired theater stage. There, a flamenco performance group is just about to kick off the show and their focus shifts elsewhere. In line with the choreographed footsteps of other flamenco dancers entering the stage.

Adhering to his usual dry, absurd, and visually appealing filmmaking methods, Andreas Nilsson makes Universe 3 his own once again.

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