5 Best Sounding Headphones We Heard at High End Munich 2022

After two years without High End Munich, the internationally renowned audio exhibition held annually did not disappoint. And if you’re looking for the best audiophile headphones for your money, there’s no better place to start your search.

So what did we see and what did we like? At least at first glance? Without further ado, join us for the ultimate Munich headgear virtual tour. Then, when inspired, you can test drive your favorite vehicle without taking your eyes off the local dealership. Feeling super adventurous? You can always check flights to Munich next year. See you there…

1. Campfire Audio Supermoon

(Image credit: Future)

Supermoon was released in a timely manner by Campfire Audio, released days before the actual lunar event on May 16th. It’s the third customizable optional model in Campfire Audio’s extensive and jewel-like IEM creations. It offers an Audiophile’ or classic ‘artist’ fit that offers a shallow seal depth, but this is the Portland, Oregon-based company’s first flat magnetic driver design.

Supermoon uses the latest 3D printing technology to deliver a single full-range planar magnetic driver within each earpiece surrounded by a robust, patent-pending body. Delicacy across frequencies, expansive soundscapes and detail is the name of the game and it’s yours for a staggering $1,500 (around £1,200 or AU$2,124).

2. InEar ProMission X In-Ear Wired Headphones

High-end Munich's InEar ProMission X colorway

(Image courtesy of TechRadar)

If you’re still unfamiliar with this glamorous family business, Marius Schmitt, whose flagships include InEar, launched in 2000, and the maker of this dedicated headphone, proudly said his father, Andreas Schmitt. He is the founder of the company.

The configuration of ProMission X consists of 10 or more (eg, ten) driver in a four-way system. The housing is crafted in jet-black violet wood with select finishes (our favorite is undoubtedly our flagship shiny mother-of-pearl light blue acrylic) and smaller sizes are also available, but Schmitt is confident a universal fit will suit. do. – The basis of InEar’s universal housing design is digitally “stacked” of hundreds of different ear molds.

After development, an in-ear universal monitor that “adapted almost perfectly to the anatomy of the ear” was created. And we can say that it is definitely suitable for our small ears as well when we tried it.

Curious about the price? good. The ProMission X retails for €2,100, approximately $2,225, £1,780 or AU$3,145.

3. T+A Solitaire T

T+A Solitaire T Headphones in Case

(Image courtesy of TechRadar)

The latest wireless reference headphones from premium German hi-fi brand T+A Elektroakustik are called Solitaire T and are not yet available for purchase. It will be available in July for $1,600 (£1,200, about AU$2,120) in a choice of white or black. end.

This is the ultimate argument. Just like when using the supplied wired connection, it features active noise cancellation for a more detailed and enjoyable sound when listening wirelessly.

To achieve this, the Solitaire T is equipped with special cellulose transducers, 42mm drivers and an optimized bass system. Although it more closely matches the wired performance level of the headphones, to enable Bluetooth connectivity, this 326g/0.7lbs can also includes support for the latest Bluetooth codecs, including LDAC and aptX HD, using a Qualcomm QCC 5127 chip and Esstech ES9218 Saber. . DAC.

Solitaire T’s active noise cancellation circuitry can be toggled as desired. Since it came with a case, I can’t vouch for the wireless music cut yet, but it’s definitely interesting.

4. Final D8000 Pro Edition

Final D8000 Pro Edition

(Image courtesy of TechRadar)

A glance at the machined aluminum-magnesium alloy housing of these high-end over-ear headphones can’t doubt that we’ve entered the high-end realm.

The D8000 Pro Edition is billed as follows: that much It finally combines the sensitive high frequencies of the planar magnetic design with the volume and open bass registers of the dynamic model. Final explains that low-range amplitudes are always a problem with conventional planar magnetic models, and because the diaphragm is in contact with the magnet here, the engineer raises the frequency of the bass tone to a level that the driver unit can reproduce. The Final also implements a new proprietary Air Film Damping System (AFDS), the earpads are hermetically sealed inside, and the front section of the diaphragm is now a closed space. why? It’s the same idea as the little earbuds with sealed earpieces. This should reproduce the bass frequency despite the gem’s nature.

Compared to competing dynamic models of the same diameter, the diaphragm of the D8000 is also 1/3 lighter. This is because the ultra-thin aluminum coil is actually etched into the ultra-light film diaphragm, free of adhesives (which can potentially have harmful effects). sound quality) was required.

Final’s D8000 Pro Edition over-ears have a price tag of €3999 (around £3395, $4238, AU$5995) and while I can’t fully vouch for these sonic claims, I found enough to enjoy at first…

5. Campfire Audio Trifecta

High-end Munich's Campfire Audio Trifecta in-ear monitors

(Image courtesy of TechRadar)

Another item for dedicated Portland Oregon headphone artisans, but they deserve it. This is a very different proposal. And not just because they look as glorious as displayed in dark velvet jewelry boxes as they hang next to our phones.

Trifecta’s transparent nylon housing provides windows for three 10mm dynamic drivers nestled inside, each adorned with a chronograph-like gold-plated case, but with vented drivers facing each other in a unique triangular configuration. This creates a very comfortable look for your ears thanks to the silver-plated high-purity copper ribbon cable wraps nicely around it. This is a premium kit. Campfire Audio’s Trifecta in-ear monitors will retail for $3,375 (about £2,710 or AU$4,800…

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