5 Reasons Why We Think Ford’s Electric F-150 Lightning Is Right For A Road Trip

  • I drove the F-150 Lightning, Ford’s new electric pickup truck.
  • I think it’s perfect for travel.
  • Comfortable, quiet, spacious and suitable for off-road use. However, charging can be an issue.

Driving Ford’s new F-150 Lightning through rural Texas earlier this month proved that the hype electric truck is truly all it can be.

We also tested the Lightning and found it to be the ultimate road vehicle.

Here are 5 reasons:

1. Comfortable and whisper sound.

Ford F-150 Lightning.

Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat.

Tim Levin/The Insider

One of the first things that came to mind when I started driving the Lightning was how quiet it was.

When you set off on board a logging truck, your brain is set to expect a gas-powered drone. However, when you ride the lightning, all you hear is a slight breeze and the faint sound of tires hitting the road surface. You have to go over 75 miles per hour to hear the wind properly.

Lightning also gives you plenty of room to stretch out. I drove the $80,000 Lightning Lariat for hours at a time and never felt cramped or uncomfortable. The rear seats have plenty of legroom and headroom, even for taller people.

2. That Frank

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning.


2022 Ford F-150 Lightning.

Tim Levin/The Insider

Storage is a good thing for any trip. And lighting has a lot to do with it.

Of course, there’s a 5.5-foot bed that can accommodate not only your luggage, but also bulky items like bikes, kayaks and tents. But Lightning’s not-so-secret weapon is the Frank.

The Lightning’s hood hides a cavernous cargo space, not the engine. It opens wide and can easily fit a few reasonably sized backpacks. This can be especially useful as a place to store items that are easily accessible rather than buried deep in the bed.

3. Hands-free driving function

Ford F-150 Lightning.


Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat.

Tim Levin/The Insider

Blue Cruise, Ford’s hands-free driving system, is available on some more expensive Lightning models. The system works as follows. Turn on cruise control and when you arrive on a Ford pre-approved highway (blue zone), Lightning invites you to take your hands off the wheel.

The truck then uses cameras and sensors to automatically steer, accelerate, brake and monitor surrounding traffic. In my experience everything works fine. Lightning confidently stays in its lane and can sometimes reach long without intervening. When there is not much traffic, Blue Cruise can make long drives a little less tiring.

That said, it doesn’t always work perfectly and requires a constant babysitter. I always decided to keep my hands close to the steering wheel.

4. wheeled generator

[EMBARGO 5/11/22 6 AM DNP]    F-150 Lightning Lariat.


F-150 Lightning Lariat


Lightning not only draws electricity for charging, but can also release energy. Trucks provide household outlets throughout the bed, cab and trunk so they can share power with cookware, TVs, laptops and other electronics.

Want to take your espresso machine and instant pot with you on a cross country camping trip? Go right away.

5. Ability to go anywhere

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning XLT.


2022 Ford F-150 Lightning XLT.

Tim Levin/The Insider

Sometimes road trips are also about travel. turn off-Whether it’s a dirt road to a secluded campsite or a well-intentioned overland adventure. And Lightning has no problem getting out of the way.

All trucks have two motors and four wheel drive. It also instantly transmits massive torque, allowing you to lightly work on large rocks, crossings and loose terrain. I’m far from an off-road expert, I can even put my truck into off-road mode, point to rocks and climb over them with relative ease.

ok but…

Ford F-150 Lightning.


Ford F-150 Lightning.

Tim Levin/The Insider

The elephant in the room here is range and charge.

Depending on the battery pack you choose, Lightning can travel. 230-320 miles at a time, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. So, on the highway, it stops every few hours to recharge. The problem is that most people stop every few hours anyway.

A potentially bigger problem is finding a place to fill. Charging infrastructure is always improving, but stations are so rare that you can venture out on your own and stumble upon it. there not many options In the middle of the country as if it were on the coast.

Still, I’m pretty sure the F-150 Lightning is the best road trip solution.

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