6ix9ine is back on social media to show off his insane wealth.

Hip-hop’s most flashy Snitch has emerged from hiding. If you’re wondering where rapper 6ix9ine has been, he appears to be roaming around New York again now, despite the fact that lawyers couldn’t find him. 6ix9ine is back with a gift. Cheese-loving “Stoopid” rapper 6ix9ine stopped by the prestigious Privè Porter boutique. Although his music isn’t as popular as it used to be, he still buys Birkin bags for women and shells out a lot of cash. The rapper purchased $264,000 worth of Birkins from Privé Porter. While shopping, the rapper gave Drake a grumpy face, telling Drake, “Don’t play with me, 13 Birkins.” These are not Chanel’s. Rapper 6ix9ine has an estimated net worth of $6 million. 6ix9ine was born on May 8, 1996. He is famous as a rapper, songwriter, and singer. Despite his humble career, 6ix9ine is living a decent life.

Rapper 6ix9ine returns to New York to release new music OTW

6ix9ine, the number one hip-hop villain, has announced that he is working on new music. No new music has been released from Tekashi 69 for 8 months. Giné was created by Lenzo and Dr Emperor Cesar and is accompanied by a music video promoting the Giné energy drink. As the hype around the drink died down, the unofficially unreleased single peaked at number 83 on the charts, with no updates on its social media accounts or website. With the support of his loyal fanbase, 6ix9ine has released reasonably good music despite being blackballed from the industry before. As he embarks on a new phase in his music career, the Brooklyn rapper hopes to find the same support. 6ix9ine has not released a sound source yet, but has been active in social media activities since returning to Korea. I’m used to being at home and soon the music comes :-p xoxo, 6ix9ine captioned his Instagram post on Wednesday, November 16th. 6ix9ine brought him a present when he returned to New York. There are 13 Birkins to be precise.

It was revealed on Instagram that the rapper dropped $264,000 on Privé Porter. Thirteen Birkins don’t play with me, this ain’t Chanel, Tekashi sarcastically when they appear to be shooting at Drake for recently buying a Chanel bag for a Miami stripper. Tekashi has provided a video showing the actual receipt for those who want to call themselves. Hip-hop’s most hated rapper, 6ix9ine, spent a total of $264,000. In fact, rapper 6ix9ine posed a question to those who hated him. Why do you think people hate me? he asked. In the photo caption, 6ix9ine wrote, “Let me know if you get lost.” He shared a photo of himself carrying a bunch of cash on his private plane. To give back to the people who run his city, rappers came over like Santa and donated to them all. Privé Porter’s Instagram account is down for a free promotion as Tekashi 69 uses IG Story to share a $264K Birkin Bag purchase.

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