90 Day Diaries fans troll after Caleb introduces her new girlfriend.

Monday night, TLC’s 90 Days Diary is back with a dramatic episode. This week, Caleb returned to the screens to introduce her new girlfriend Sabina to the audience. Her fans, who saw him having a videoconference with her, were criticized for having her type.

Sabina had gorgeous neon pink hair, was from Curacao and had numerous tattoos. According to Caleb, whom she met online, Sabina’s unique style and her looks made her 90 Day Diaries actress instantly fall in love with her. He went on to say that she could connect with her because of her honesty and openness.

Caleb also said that Sabina is Dutch and has similar views on religion. He claimed to take care of her and be interested in her future interactions with her.

The social media broadcasters use to tease Caleb’s new love

Fans made fun of Caleb when he revealed his new “alien” lover, Sabina, in his 90-day diary.

Fans have commented on Twitter that he is tangible and is trying to get attention. Some of his followers said he was actually trying the opposite and there is something for women who stand out.

One netizen said, “I’m worried about Aleb’s girlfriend.” I agree that the Caleb sisters often meet women online.

One person said that Caleb needs a prominent woman to stand out because he is not too conspicuous.

Another said Caleb had no doubts about groups dating artistic women.

According to others, Caleb only wants a woman “different” from him.

Another said that now everything is clear. Caleb finds monsters attractive.

Here’s more information on what happened between Caleb and Sabina in the 90 Day Diary:

Caleb decided to tell his sister Hannah about his new love. The 90 Days Diary actress, who met Sabina on Instagram, claimed that she looked good on the show this week. They talked for about 4 months, but he said he wasn’t the one to talk about the details until he spent time with someone else.

How is your relationship with Sabina different from your previous long-distance relationships? his sister asked him. She admitted that she felt Sabina would be a suitable partner because he was now ready to commit.

In her confession, Hannah revealed that Caleb had a pattern of dating distant women online. She said she found it difficult to imagine him in a long-term, committed relationship because he was a nomadic and appreciated his mobility.

Sabina agreed when Caleb asked if he could meet and said he could stay with her. During her confession, she admitted that she and Caleb had a relationship that couldn’t stop her thinking about him. She went on to say how much Sabina wanted him to visit Curacao.

The past few months have been great, according to Caleb, who believed that meeting him in person would improve the situation. Only time will tell.

The 90-Day Diary airs every Monday at 9 PM on TLC only. Readers should check the local directory for additional information.

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