A bear rushing through the window of a Wisconsin house. While the children were sleeping, a couple stabbed it with a kitchen knife and shot it.

A Wisconsin couple said they saw a bear eating in a bird feeder and killed the bear that attacked them inside their home.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said the attack occurred around 11 p.m. Friday at a home near Medford in north-central Wisconsin. The couple told authorities they rushed through a window after yelling at the black bear to leave.

Breaking News: Both husband and wife were attacked and fought with bears and at one point stabbed them into the kitchen…

Posted by: WSAW News Channel 7 In ~ Saturday, May 21, 2022

Husband and wife were injured before stabbing the bear with a kitchen knife. Eventually the man was able to take his gun and kill the animal.

The man and woman were treated in hospital for several bites and other injuries before being released.

At the time, the couple’s children were asleep in the bedroom and were not injured.

The sheriff’s office said the bear was an adult female and a cub was seen fleeing as the bear ran into the house. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) took the bear for testing.

State Wildlife Management last month asked the public To assist, report the locations of black bear dens found throughout Wisconsin. new research.

Wisconsin’s black bear population is “significantly higher” than it was 30 years ago; According to the agency. The state’s bear population was estimated at about 9,000 in 1989, but the most recent data put the current bear population at more than 24,000.


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