A friend says the gunman was bullied and fired BB guns at people before the fatal attack.

Friends and relatives said an 18-year-old Texas shooter was harassed, beheaded, and fired BB guns at random people and cars with eggs in the years leading up to the fatal attack.

Salvador Ramos killed at least 19 children and two adults at Rob Elementary School in Yuvalde, southern Texas, on Tuesday, officials said.

Friends and family say he was bullied because of a speech impediment as a child and that he was violently rebuked by both friends and strangers in recent and years.

He bought the weapon used in the mass shooting earlier this month. A few days after turning 18, he shot and seriously injured his grandmother before attending Robb Elementary School. There he was apparently killed by the police.

According to the Texas Department of Public Security, he was wearing a tactical vest with a rifle.

Santos Valdez Jr, 18, said: Washington Post He added that he had known Ramos since elementary school and had been friends with Ramos until his behavior started to get worse.

They used to play video games together before Ramos changed. Valdez said he had cuts all over his face when he arrived at the park where Ramos was playing basketball, and that he was initially scratched by a cat.

On the day of the Uvalde shooting, social media posted eerie videos of the shooter tracking around an elementary school before breaking in with a rifle in his hand and barricading a classroom filled with students and two teachers. And turn on the light.

(Facebook/screen capture)

(Texas Department of Public Security)

“He told me he kept cutting himself in the face with a knife,” Valdez told the newspaper. “I thought, ‘You’re crazy, bro, why are you doing this?'”

Ramos said he did it for fun. Mr Valdez said.

Friends and family said Ramos was bullied in middle school and middle school for stuttering and stuttering. Stephen Garcia, who considers himself Ramos’ best friend in eighth grade, said he had a difficult school experience.

“You will be bullied as badly as you are being bullied by a lot of people,” Garcia said. Washington Post. “Social media, games, more than anything else.”

“He was the sweetest and most shy kid. He just had to get out of the shell,” he added.

Garcia said Ramos had once posted a photo of herself with black eyeliner, which sparked numerous comments, including derogatory language that demeans homosexuals.

Garcia said she tried to defend Ramos, but when she moved to another part of Texas because of her mother’s job, Ramos “just started being a different person”.

“He kept getting worse and I don’t know,” Garcia said. Ramos said that when Garcia moved in, he dropped out of school, started to dress in all black, grew hair and started wearing military boots.

Classmates said he was absent from much of the school year and is not graduating with others this year.

Ramos’ cousin Mia, who asked not to use his surname, said: post “He wasn’t very sociable after being bullied for stuttering.”

“I don’t think he’s comfortable at school anymore,” she said.

Valdez added that Ramos and another friend would drive a car, shoot strangers with BB guns and throw eggs at cars.

Ramos posted an image of an automatic rifle he would have “put on his wish list” on social media about a year ago, Valdez said. He posted an image of two rifles 4 days ago called “Photos of My Guns”.

High school classmate Nadia Reyes said.post Ramos posted an Instagram story two months ago, where his mother said his mother had been yelling at him to get him out of the house.

“He posted a video on Instagram with the police and called his mom saying he wanted to kick him out.” Reyes said. “He was yelling and talking to her mom really aggressively.”

Next door neighbor Ruben Flores, 41, told the newspaper that Ramos had “a pretty tough life with her mom.”

Flores said the problem had become clearer over the years as police arrived at Ramos’ home and neighbors witnessed a fight between a mother and son. Flores and a few others said: post The fact that the mother used drugs added to the tension in the family.

“He’s going to go into defensive mode after saying something that shouldn’t be overstated,” Reyes said. post.

Valdez said. post It is said that his last interaction with Ramos took place about two hours before the shootout. Valdez sent a message via Instagram Stories after sharing the meme “why tf has school still open”.

The screenshot shows Ramos answering “True” and “Isn’t that good?”

“[I don’t even know] I don’t even go to school,” Valdez replied, but he told the newspaper that Ramos had never opened the message.

“I couldn’t even think about it and I couldn’t tell anyone,” Garcia said of the moment she learned of the shooting. He said, “I just came out of class and I was really upset. I opened my eyes … I never expected that he would hurt people.”

“I think he needed some psychological help. And more closures with his family. And he loves it.”

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