A funny meme took over Twitter after Meghan Markle found out that she was ‘43% Nigerian’.

Meghan Markle’s remarks, which call herself “43% Nigerian,” provoked a reaction from Internet users. Well, since Meghan Markle interviewed Oprah Winfrey. She got everyone’s attention. While she faces criticism for her remarks. She once again reveals her own roots, attracting her attention.

Read ahead to learn more about Meghan Markle. Internet users react to her statement, calling herself “43% Nigerian.”

Meghan Markle calls herself “43% Nigerian”.

Meghan Markle has always been the talk of the city since an interview in which she revealed shocking revelations about the royal family. In her recent Spotify podcast Archetype on her Spotify, she also exposed her roots. It was something no one expected.

In a recent podcast episode, Markle said that he had been tested for genealogy to determine his family’s roots. Where she found out she was “43% Nigerian”. In that episode, she invited guests as Issa Rae, Emily Bernard, and Ziwe Fumodoh.

Learn more about the latest episodes of the Meghan Markle podcast

Meghan Markle’s Archetype podcast said as she tried to find out about her roots: She found out that she was “43% Nigerian”. In the latest episode of her podcast, Megan had her and her guests talk about the experiences of black women. Although their theme was “Angry Black Woman”.

She also said that while a Nigerian woman is “What!”, she wants to dig deeper. Meanwhile, Meghan’s statement prompted Internet users to comment on it. Because Twitter is getting a lot of reaction from everyone. Moreover, Meghan Markle is already one of the most talked about members of the current royal family.

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Meghan Markle’s statement, which calls herself “43% Nigerian,” was reacted by most Internet users. As they commented on the same thing on Twitter. When the Duchess of Sussex shared her conversation on her podcast. One of her Twitter users said it was funny.

Another user asked Meghan about the remaining 57% of her roots. One of the Internet users wanted to know if Markle had a DNA test. Obviously, users have a lot to say about the latest episode of Meghan Markle’s podcast.

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