A government adviser warns that a microphone is hidden on a Chinese CCTV camera.

According to the UK government’s “snooping tsar”, UK-made Chinese surveillance cameras are manufactured by companies involved in human rights atrocities and use a hidden microphone to pick up the sound, which can be activated remotely.

Professor Fraser SampsonIn particular, serving as the Official Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner, tasked with reviewing the use of surveillance technologies and personal biometrics in the country, he told government ministers that he “expressed concerns about clear ethical and human rights issues related to public activity. . “Procurement of surveillance technology from companies involved in atrocities in China” and “Security risks posed by some state-controlled surveillance systems covering public places”

“[P]Public space surveillance is getting more and more intense, and modern surveillance cameras are built with maximum functionality inside at the point of manufacture,” Professor Sampson said regarding security risks.

“he explained.[t]That means there are features that can be turned on remotely when needed, such as the ability to pick up a sound or read a license plate, for example.” In other words, the camera has a built-in microphone, which can be activated remotely by a hostile foreign actor.

The professor went on to say that knowing what such systems are doing or rather “doesn’t” is “technically increasingly difficult to detect”, “in our streets, playgrounds or schools.”

Regarding ethical considerations, Professor Sampson noted that “clear ethical and human rights issues related to public procurement of surveillance technology by companies related to atrocities in China” have been his concern since he accepted his position. Officially, widespread and systematic human rights violations are taking place in Xinjiang, including the extrajudicial detention of more than one million Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities, widespread and invasive surveillance of ethnic minorities, forced labor and fertility suppression. acknowledged.

Sampson points out that surveillance technology has played a key role in the CCP’s implementation of this repressive regime. [Chinese] Company, Hikvision” “to clarify the extent to which they were involved” in forming the Uyghur concentration camps.

However, eight months have passed and he has yet to receive an answer to this question or whether Hikvision “acknowledges that such a thing is happening”.

In particular, half of the borough councils in the UK capital London have deployed surveillance technology provided by Hikvision and another Chinese company, Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co Ltd, the former being the UK’s largest supplier of CCTV equipment in 2016.

Professor Sampson said that Minister of Health and Social Welfare Sajid Javid[ing] There are no plans to procure additional Hikvision surveillance technology from his department.” There is no widespread ban on procurement by other government departments and state agencies, although it has not stated that Easter will remove the already installed equipment.

In fact, Hikvision was invited to participate in the Security and Policing trade show hosted by the UK Ministry of Home Affairs, which has broad responsibility for policing, border control and national security. The entire company was blacklisted.

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