A group of former ‘X-factor’ participants seeking to sue the Simon Cowell Company Syco

Simon Cowell is a British television broadcaster, entrepreneur and record manager. He is the creator of the worldwide sold X Factor and Got Talent establishment. He is an American TV talent such as Pop Idol, a British TV talent show from 2001 to 2003, The X Factor UK from 2004 to 2010, 2014 to 2018, Britain’s Got Talent from 2007 to the present, and American Idol from 2002. Served as a judge for the show. 2010, 2011-2013 The X Factor US, 2006-present America’s Got Talent. Simon Cowell is the pioneer and sole owner of the British entertainment company Syco.

Simon Cowell’s company, SyCo, is reportedly facing a lawsuit after six former X Factor nominees said they were willing to seek damages of over £1 million for the horrific experiences they had during the show.

Simon Cowell, who was once called ‘Mr. Nasty’ on British TV, was famous for his candid talk about the X-Factor. Nonetheless, six former contestants on the show X-Factor have revealed that they will now sue SyCo, the entertainment company they joined, for bullying, abuse and neglect.

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Simon Cowell Company SyCo sued by former contestants of The Show X-Factor

According to the report, Simon Cowell’s production company is said to be facing multi-million dollar claims from a former participant in the reality talent show known as the X-Factor. The Daily Mirror reported that the TV program that was broadcast for a long time left a disappointment in the group activities of 5 independent participants and 1 person.

One of the previous artists has discussed ‘tears, injuries and anxiety,’ and all six of these acts are alleging that proceeding with the X factor has led to allegations of harassment, abuse and neglect. The claimants are heading to the law office, aiming to bring a lawsuit for a sum in excess of £1 million (NZ$192 million).

The report did not name the people in question, but one petitioner said that he described the experience of going to the show as a horrific experience that caused many years of suffering. Myself and my previous five acts have agreed to unite and gain the justice we believe is worthy. The artist added that all six felt their procurement potential was limited by the credible impact of the trauma they had received.

Simon Cowell should be held accountable, the claimant detailed in the Daily Mirror. We lost huge amounts of cash by having a life time where we didn’t bring cash to deal with the trauma that was actually ingrained in the show.

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