A judge ruled that Tesla could not hide behind mediation in a sexual harassment case.

It was first reported that a lawsuit accusing Tesla of facilitating a workplace with “pervasive” sexual harassment would continue in court after a California judge dismissed the company’s arbitration application. Bloomberg. Although the woman who filed the case signed an arbitration agreement and terminated her right to litigation at Tesla, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stephen Kaus continued the decision on Monday.

Jessica Baraza filed a lawsuit last year, alleging catcalls, obscene language and inappropriate contact while working as a production worker at a factory in Fremont, California. Since then, at least seven female workers have complained of sexual harassment, some claiming that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s obscene tweets made the situation worse.

in a copy of the court document read by The VergeJudge Kaus said Barraza was “attacked” by Tesla’s arbitration policy because Tesla “provided no indication that Tesla should consent to arbitration of employment claims and give up its right to a jury trial.” Bloomberg It was pointed out that President Joe Biden signed it. bill A bill to end compulsory arbitration in sexual assault cases was passed in March, but the case does not apply because it began before the bill was passed.

“This is a victory for public accountability,” Barraza’s attorney David Lowe said in a statement.. “This ruling prevents Tesla from hiding behind the cryptic doors of private arbitration. Instead, Tesla will be judged by a jury of Barraza’s colleagues in open court.”

The verdict comes as Musk faces allegations of sexual harassment revealed in a recent report. insider. Musk is said to have given a female flight attendant an ultimatum during a company flight to expose herself and have sex with her. SpaceX is said to have awarded her crew a $250,000 severance package after she complained to her management team.

Musk and his team vehemently denied the allegations, claiming that these allegations were “false” in a company-wide email from SpaceX’s president, Gwynne Shotwell, to employees. Musk himself said the charges “It’s not true at all.” Musk also opinion This piece was written to “disrupt the Twitter takeover”, which was previously “held” by a dispute over automatic account measurement.

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