A Louisiana law that classifies abortion as murder is now banned.

The Louisiana Legislature has rejected a bill that would put abortion patients in prison and criminalize fertility treatments, miscarriage and certain forms of contraception if passed.

The bill faces widespread condemnation, including anti-abortion groups and anti-abortion Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards, after it passed a committee 48 hours after a leaked U.S. Supreme Court’s leaked opinion suggesting abortion was published. I did. ~ Of roe vs wade Constitutional Protection of Abortion Treatment.

On May 12, the State House of Representatives voted on the amendment. house ville 813 To get rid of the language that classifies abortion as murder.

The bill seeks to redefine the “person” of the penal code to begin from the moment an embryo is fertilized, and is part of a “abolition of abortion” campaign between anti-abortion legislators and activists across the United States, emboldened by the Supreme Court’s possible decision.

Republican Congressman Danny McCormick, who introduced the bill, said he was “proud and honored” to bring the bill into the House of Representatives, arguing that “abortion is murder and we, as lawmakers, have a responsibility to end this bill.”

Prior to the discussion, the state capitol was briefly evacuated after unmanned packages were found near a conference hall where anti-abortion activists preached and demanded legislators pass the bill in writing.

Members of the Louisiana House of Representatives have effectively rewritten the bill to reflect a similar ban on abortion passing through the state legislature.

The amendment passed and Congressman McCormick withdrew the amendment from the seat.

Republican Rep. Alan Seabaugh, who initially supported McCormick’s bill on the committee, apologized to lawmakers for failing to amend the bill before it was discussed in plenary session.

He accused the bill of not banning abortion, saying it “makes women criminals.”

“If we had done our job on the committee… We could have avoided this,” he said. “same. roe vs wade To fall down… Let us celebrate together and embrace as brothers in Christ.”

But anti-abortion lawmakers are likely to approve similar legislation that imposes jail terms and fines on health care providers for abortion treatment. Earlier this year, they rejected a bill that explicitly bans abortion patients from facing criminal charges.

Senate Proposition 342The “reaffirmation of the Human Life Act,” co-proposed by anti-abortion Democrat Katrina Jackson, imposes up to 10 years in prison for abortion providers and fines of up to $100,000 in the state if abortion becomes illegal.

The bill is due to be considered by the Legislative Council on May 17.

If the roe vs wade If the bill is overturned, at least 15 states, including Louisiana, will implement so-called “causing” laws, making abortion illegal. Three other clinics in Louisiana are closing.

Patients in the state are already banned from using telemedicine appointments to prescribe drug abortion, the most common form of abortion that requires a two-tab combination of mifepristone and misoprostol.

The proposed measure would also ban abortion drugs from being shipped to the state.

Louisiana patients will have to travel farther than patients in other states to seek legal treatment if abortion becomes illegal.

Similarly, restrictive laws are in place throughout the southern United States. The states closest to law enforcement are Illinois, New Mexico and Colorado.

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