‘A really good football team’: Russell Wilson talks about his confidence in the Denver Broncos after Day 1 of TD, OTA.

ENGLEWOOD, Co. — When Russell Wilson and Denver Broncos arrived at the driving range on the first day of their organized team work on Monday, the snow that had arrived here over the weekend had melted but the effects of the late spring storm system were felt. It’s a bit like a reminder of the short nature of the NFL offseason.

The Broncos’ new quarterbacks and most of their new coaching staff plan to compete at the loaded AFC West when winter actually returns to the Front Range, and despite (hopefully) months remaining, Wilson preached the urgency for the franchise . They failed to qualify for the playoffs for the sixth consecutive year.

“We have a really good system, good things, amazing things we’re doing,” Wilson said on Monday, after about two hours of practice. People are open and making plays. “The men have been playing all day. , touchdowns, then touchdowns, plays, great catches. The defense played well too.

“It was just such a competitive practice. It was a championship-like week in OTA No.1. It feels good.”

Teams are not allowed to line up units with each other during the first two phases of the NFL offseason program, so the start of Phase 3 on Monday was the first time Wilson and Denver strikers crossed the line to line up with real defenders. Scrimmage’s.

After a heavy, unpadded afternoon in the Red Zone, seventh-year safety player Justin Simmons said, “Russ gives a whole different element to the way he directs attacks.” “Sometimes we break our shells a little early on defense so he already knows in advance where he wants the ball to go. Clean, fast and crispy. It’s fun. i like it. It’s a game in a game.

“I’m really excited about it because it won’t do anything other than make us a better defense.”

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Some wild horse veterans skipped the start of OTA. Running back Melvin Gordon and outside linebacker Bradley Chubb were not present. According to Safety Simmons, Karim Jackson was attending her daughter’s prom. And some, such as outside linebacker Randy Gregory and tackle Billy Turner, are continuing to recover from injuries.

wide receiver Jerry Judy, Arrested for a misdemeanor earlier this month And a court date was set for May 31, but he did not attend.

Manager Nathaniel Hackett said of Judy’s condition: “We’re just making sure everyone is fine. A team official later said his absence was a precautionary measure due to a minor back problem.

But Wilson and Simmons were among the many key players who were on the field for the recent voluntary portion of the offseason program. Denver has a three-day compulsory mini-camp from June 13th to 15th. Simmons stay in stream for this part of the calendar.

Speaking of non-participating team members, Simmons said, “As a leader, I value your space and what’s right for you. “Hey, this is voluntary and I’m not going to ask about anything else going on, but I think it’s important to the people here and working and around. Same system next year, can I tell you if it’s something like that? Maybe. You You probably have a better understanding of systems and stuff like that, but I think it’s important to have a new defensive system, a new offensive system, a new teammate, a new culture, obviously being around and present …

“A lot of new things are happening and we haven’t won in a while. I’m looking forward to winning and it starts now.”

For the Wilson, Hackett and rest of the Denver attacks, at this stage, the process mostly involves building relationships on and off the pitch.

Hackett said, “Our conference rooms are great because they are very intense and there is so much communication and so many conversations. That’s all I can ask as a coach. Because we have to be extensions of each other,” Hackett said. “I need to know everything he likes and vice versa to make sure we’re on the same page. Because, after all, he’s the one who makes those plays. When we come here and have every conversation they come to life. That’s when you start earning and building more trust in each other, and that’s all for now.

“It’s the first time we’ve been together and there’s going to be a lot of growth. But it’s going really well.”

The quarterbacks agreed in late June and July after mixing into the rookie class for the first time before most of the group dispersed.

“I think you saw a lot of good things here today,” Wilson said. “There were a lot of touchdowns and a lot of good things. The defense was also great. We’re going to have a really good soccer team, it’s exciting and we’re excited about the opportunity to play soccer.”

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