A Russian truck in Ukraine blows to the beat in a stunning viral video.

The Ukrainians continue to strike back against Russia.

In a video tweeted by Rob Lee, a Russian Ural-4320 truck was completely burned down in a Ukrainian attack, the video is absolutely awesome. (Related: David Hookstead is the true king of the North when it comes to college football)

Please give me the watch below. Probably the craziest video I’ve seen all day.

Will it grow old to watch Ukrainian forces bomb Russian targets from the ground? I think we all know the answer to that question, and the answer is no.

Russia crossed its borders and surrendered its forces, and Ukraine did everything possible to counterattack.

I don’t know how this war will end, but I know it’s incredibly inspiring to watch the good guys in Ukraine fight like dogs to defeat the invaders.

It’s actually a “Red Dawn” on Ukrainian streets, and it looks like Putin ate a little more than he could chew.

We hope the Russians continue to face fierce resistance, so let’s keep checking back as we have the latest videos.


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