A Russian TV host said Donald Trump and the MAGA movement were “characteristic of a fascist state.”

  • “I have to tell you, Russia is a fascist,” Vladimir Solovyov wrote to the New York Times article.
  • Solovyov said Trump’s campaign and supporters displayed “characteristic of a fascist state.”
  • Solovyov also called Trump “the cult of one leader” who rules the MAGA world.

A host on Russian state TV has accused former President Donald Trump’s actions and the MAGA symbol used in his campaign “characteristic of a fascist state”.

Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov was spotted. Subtitled clip posted on Twitter Criticism of opinion articles published by The New York Times. a work titled “We have to say it. Russia is fascist.” This book was published on May 19th by Timothy Snyder, a professor of history at Yale who specializes in fascism and totalitarianism.

In this work, Snyder argued, “a time traveler of the 1930s would have no difficulty identifying the Putin regime as fascist.” Controversial War Z Symbol And the unfounded claim of Russian leader Vladimir Putin is that the invasion of Ukraine was aimed at “de-Naziization” of the country.

Refuting The Times article, Solovyov cites Trump and the MAGA movement, arguing that they are symbols of fascism. In particular, he pointed out Trump’s campaign and his actions and words during the presidential election.

“They regularly claim that Russia is a fascist state, listen, motherfuckers,” said Solovyov.

“You are presenting the character of a fascist state,” said Solovyov. “Second, look at the signs (of fascism) you listed. How do they differ from Donald Trump’s campaign? Even his slogan, ‘Make America Great Again.'”

Then Solovyov noted how the MAGA slogan was based on “a discussion of former greatness.” Solovyov then argued that MAGA was no different from the fascist myths of the Golden Age and empire greatness that Snyder referred to in his commentary.

“Donald Trump, make America great again – the adoration of one leader,” Solovyov said.

“Visual symbolism as a sign of belonging? How about Donald Trump’s red hat?” He added, citing a symbol he claimed to be a symbol of American fascism. “Massive Events Supporting Leaders – Can I Play a Clip of Trump Dancing?”

He also accused Trump of continuing to “hate speech”.

“Look at what Trump said about liberals,” Solovyov said.

Snyder said Newsweek He did not track the Russian state media’s reaction to his comments, but said he “clearly noticed” the “repeated language of genocide” on Russian TV.

It is surprising that Russian state TV has slammed Trump. Russian TV analyst in May President Trump thanked Russia for giving him four years. the reasoning Former President’s Friendship with Russia It was far more favorable than President Joe Biden’s relatively hard-line stance on Russian aggression.

In the early days of the Ukraine conflict, Trump was heavily criticized for calling Putin’s justification for the invasion of Ukraine “orthodox and genius”.

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