A scan of the original 1048 ‘One Piece’ reveals that Orochi has not yet been ultimately killed.

key point

  • The title of ‘One Piece’ 1048 is ‘Twenty’.
  • Next chapter comes out on Sunday
  • Featuring Kawamatsu reminiscing about what has happened over the past 20 years

“One Piece” 1048 confirms that the former shogun of the closed state Wano may still be alive after Denjiro cut one of his heads while the usurper was still in a deformed state.

Based on the latest original scans provided online by industry insiders, an upcoming manga article will reveal that Denjiro, one of the Akazaya Nines, cut off the main head of a deformed Orochi. While many hope Orochi will finally die, the raw scans have ridiculed him that he is not.

Reportedly, one of the panels found that the samurai had only one of the shogun’s seven heads cut off. He can remember doing the same thing live on stage when Kaidou announced in Chapter 985 that he would have a son Yamato to replace Orochi as Wano Kuni’s shogun.

■放送日毎週日曜日Fuji TV and 放送中 ※Early time of day and night in the earth. Photo: YouTube screenshot/One Piece official YouTube channel

However, Orochi reappeared in episode 1008. He was alive, full of wrath, and went to war to burn the entire Onigashima. A few chapters later, Kinemon and other members of Akazaya Nine met him again, this time beheading him.

But it didn’t end there. Oda Eiichiro, the legendary mangaka who made “One Piece”, since the shogun reappeared later, doesn’t seem to be finished yet with Orochi at the time. He met Komurasaki and she learned that she was Kosuke Hyori, the only daughter of a man he had betrayed and killed.

It is not yet known how Orochi will be killed, but one theory within the community suggests that all seven of his heads should be amputated at the same time.

farsighted scan Luffy also revealed that whatever happens to the floating island won’t be affected by those celebrating the Fire Festival, since he’s asked Momo to move Onigashima away from the Flower Capital. Meanwhile, Kaido and Luffy are still attacking more powerfully from the rooftop of Skulldome.

Original scans show that parts of the upcoming manga show Kawamatsu remembering what happened to Wano over the past few decades. With Big Mom defeated, Tobi Roppo dies and another powerful pirate of the beasts fall, the fate of the entire Wano depends on Luffy’s victory.

“One Piece” 1048, titled “Twenty Years”, will be released on Sunday. The official manga is available on Manga Plus and Viz.

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