A story of unbelievable faith…. Gaimin Gladiator’s acquired team epilepsy!

While it usually takes 12-18 months for a newly formed esports team to experience success, GAIMIN Gladiator’s Dota 2 team was only formed in January 2022 and is already climbing in the Dota 2 ranks and ranks in the top 14 of ESL One DOTA. You can get inside. 2 We hold a major competition in Stockholm this May to increase followers and create significant brand awareness for GAIMIN.

Arseny Kuzminsky recently interviewed the founders of GAIMIN Gladiator’s about the Dota 2 team and its composition. He is proud to republish his article and interview to prepare for the DOTA 2 ESL One Major in Stockholm.

2020 brings fresh air to the highly competitive Dota. Vikin.gg. These players have been able to fight against the strongest teams for almost a year in the online era. Fearless and shamelessly blatantly breaking famous lineups in numerous tournaments. Closer, it turns out that the players and coaches have a unique chemistry that blends strict discipline, fatherhood, brotherhood, and strong friendship.

Then Vikin.gg was disbanded. Back to the tickle team with almost the same core.

Former roster Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp, ​​​​Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan and Daniel “ImmortalFaith” Moza have joined forces with Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard, Erik “tOfu” Engel and Anton “dyrachYO” Shkredov. New players, same playstyle. Fixed in team interactions and it is impossible to pick the strongest player out of the top 5. And frankly, there is no reason to do so. The GAIMIN Gladiators run as smooth as a watch where each gear matters, and when one sags, all four lock. GG is an example of how a team can become stronger through great player interaction and a balance of power.

I had the top management of GAIMIN Gladiators explain why I chose Team Tickles. It also goes into a little more detail about their history, investments, future plans, and why they are confident of the success of their Dota 2 roster.

canadian roots

GG’s foundation sounds like a typical Silicon Valley startup story. Four friends, passionate about what they love, decided to start their own project. But before the Guymin Gladiators, it was different.

“We started OCG Esports about three years ago because we were a bit older and didn’t have much success in pro gaming,” said Alex Cuccovillo, Vice President of GG. He had this conversation with CEO Shawn Porter and President Nick Cuccovillo.

Shawn and Alex met while playing Dota a long time ago and have professional backgrounds in various MOBAs. The latter was responsible for coaching and commenting during the early Dota 2 era. Nick has been involved in FPS games and works to recruit talent. So they have the proper knowledge and network in each esports area and they have an edge because they already know everything about esports not only from a business point of view, but also from a player’s point of view.

Alex admits he had to leave competitive NA Dota 2 for another game due to lack of tournaments and funds. OCG Esports started looking for investors and partners to sign players, help them and keep them financially. In January 2020, OCG Esports rebranded as GAIMIN Gladiators.

GAIMIN Gladiators is based in Canada, but trying not to be tied to North America, and is moving towards the global arena, including the European Union, the SEA team takeover, and its entry into Brazil.

However, aside from the Gladiators side, which has about five employees and two contractors, it has its parent company, Gaimin.io. “They use the corporate level more and to be honest we pass some business items back to them and they approve or they don’t. So it works on both ends,” Nick said. “They confirm every transaction or decision on the part of the GG.”

Alex goes on to say. “We always had a plan. We always knew that at some point we needed to get an investment. No organization has really succeeded without increasing investment. So we always had a plan of action. We built our investment deck a long time ago and we always updated it. We met a few investors over the conversation. And after a few months, they found that esports was a great way for this application.”

GAIMIN’s mission is basically this. “Passive Automated Monetization for Gamers”. It’s a playable platform where you get game rewards for free and do whatever you want with those rewards.

“Our platform has elements of Crypto and NFT, but we are game engines by design.” Nick explains that the platform’s core focus is “Utilization of processing power, NFT, not coin mining or purchasing”.

Instead, GAIMIN’s software “simply uses Blockchain Elements for background work, lets you launch Private Server Games including Minecraft and GTAV, watch content creators via Streams, and provides technical training to practice your favorite games.” It should be considered a game engine with features.”

A story of unbelievable faith.... Gaimin Gladiator's acquired team epilepsy!He was also quick to explain. “Under any circumstances, GAIMIN will not ask people to buy currency or NFT.” Setting the platform’s core use case is “actually, a processing power aggregator to provide processing power for video rendering and AI creation.” Aspects of using technology that are completely separate from most crypto-based ventures.

Acquisitions and rebranding have been quite a lengthy process. It took a year from the first meeting with Gaimin to the signing of the contract. We came up with a plan that would benefit them also in terms of user acquisition for the platform, and they really liked it.”

“They invested more than the team we had,” says Alex. “We certainly had some pretty good teams and very high-level players, but none of them reached the same level as the current Dota 2 team. We’ve identified different teams with different costs, what they can bring, and what types of success and viewer metrics. We showed what our plans are for the next year and a half, what kind of team we will form, why we should form it, and what potential we have. So, frankly, there was a lot of background work, and that’s one of the reasons they really like what we do.”

Get Team Epilepsy

Shawn and Alex have a background in Dota and have been looking for a way to get back to the Dota scene because they have a very high rating. mid-season; Back in late December or early January, they saw something special in Team Tickles.

A story of unbelievable faith.... Gaimin Gladiator's acquired team epilepsy!

Alex goes on to say: “I talked to a few teams. But the reason we were most interested in them wasn’t because of how good they were, but in terms of the new organization that came from the brand awareness they were getting from their competition with Team Liquid, OG and Secret. All of these teams can help new organizations build their brand awareness very quickly, rather than being in many other locations. So it was a huge decision maker for us too. And we also saw a lot of potential in the roster of young players.

However, signing a North American team gives you a higher chance of participating in majors and later TI, adding to the fact that there are high-skilled teams that need a sponsor. However, we decided to look at other regions such as the CIS, Europe and Southeast Asia. Our eyes caught Team Tickles and we followed them.”

A story of unbelievable faith.... Gaimin Gladiator's acquired team epilepsy!The GAIMIN Gladiators Dota 2 squad is by far their most important asset and most notable investment. “We had the budget to sign a Tier-1 team in each game.

A story of unbelievable faith.... Gaimin Gladiator's acquired team epilepsy!Alex went on to add: “Dota 2 is still doing really well in terms of viewership. This is especially meaningful for us, as the live event is now open again. But after doing an overall analysis, we thought it was natural for us to get into Dota.

Bootcamping, Stockholm and planning

The GAIMIN Gladiators stayed at the Relog Media facility for the entire DPC League. Instead of having players wander around trying to solve visa issues, GG’s management decided to keep players in Belgrade for as long as possible. They have a great relationship with the “very helpful” Relog on this.

Nick highlights the importance of bootcamping and how it impacts player success.

“Everyone thinks that boot camp is about rehearsing and practicing 24 hours a day. However, there are aspects that players have never met physically. So it was an ideal moment for them to meet, form team bonds and build a team culture. It’s a must if we’re going to compete in the next major event or big event like TI. It is important for the team to have at least an initial engagement. We also called in a psychologist once a week to go through the problem with them. It’s important for mental performance and mental strength, so you don’t get tired or exhausted.

A story of unbelievable faith.... Gaimin Gladiator's acquired team epilepsy!Alex says: “We used to be second-place teams and regional champions. “The EU had four slots. OG has a slightly surprising but very strong young roster. So they surprised us a bit, but it seems they always knew our team could make it to the majors. But ultimately we had faith, immortality.”

Follow the Gladiators in Stockholm from 12 May and see what they show us next. https://www.esl-one.com/dpc/

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