A video of Emmanuel the emu TikTok has gone viral on the Internet.

Tic Talkers are gaining huge popularity with farm animals, especially Emmanuel, an emu who likes to intervene when making videos. Tiktoker literally gave the animals a great platform to win the hearts of anyone who wants to see them too. Recently, the emu is hard to miss in the viral TikTok video.

Read ahead to learn more about the emu Emmanuel, who is going viral on TikTok.

Emmanuel, emu word of mouth on TikTok.

Obviously, if you were active on TikTok, you would have seen tons of content on TikTok. Videos based on animals as well as people are also going viral on the app. Some cute and funny animals make everyone love them so much. The same goes for tiktoker Taylor Blake, who has shared videos of his farm and animals on TikTok.

In Taylor’s video, she is about to make a video for TikTok @knucklebumpfarms. She is often disturbed by farm animals. Anyone who always loves other users will love Taylor’s videos a lot. Emu, one of her farm animals Emmanuel, is hard enough to miss.

Emmanuel and other farm animals love to disturb Tiktoker Taylor Blake.

Taylor Blake posts her video on TikTok. These videos are mostly informative videos about her farm animals. She is a farm worker who loves making videos with farm animals. But most of the time her videos feature an uninvited guest, and that person is Emmanuel, the emu.

Emmanuel likes to peck at the camera while he comes in front of the camera and makes funny faces. Meanwhile, Taylor tries to stop Emmanuel, but fails. emu is trying to get its own fans in the app. Not only that, but Taylor brings in the farm’s deer, interrupting the video by getting more farm guests. Ellen, Regina and Emmanuel’s sisters also join.

User reaction to Emmanuel’s tiktok video

Obviously, Taylor Blake users prefer to see the farm animals they’re trying to get into the video. It makes everything funny at the end. In fact, of all the farm animals, Emmanuel was the one who liked to ignore what Taylor ordered.

But in all that, users definitely get a show where they can see funny animals in a fun action. Taylor’s TikTok has 679,000 followers so far.

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