A video of King Charles III beckoning his aides to clear their desks before signing the proclamation has gone viral.

The new monarch of England, King Charles III, informed his aides at the coronation ceremony that he was caught making a rather angry gesture at the camera as he desperately wanted to clear his desk while he signed some documents. I lost. A video of the British monarch glowing in anger went viral on social media platforms. He signaled his aides twice to clear the pointless things from their desks. On Saturday, Charles was proclaimed ruler at a historic ceremony held at St James’s Palace in London. The 73-year-old became heir to the throne when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died Thursday at the age of 96. He said in her speech that she would strive to follow the ‘inspirational example’ left by her deceased mother. . Even before his speech, the king is said to have been in a less encouraging situation.

The first moment was captured before King Charles III sat down to sign the papers. He beckoned to aides standing nearby to clear their desks and clear objects like pen boxes and inkwells with paperwork. Charles was using an ink pot gifted by his children William and Harry while signing at the ceremony. The second clip was captured as he signed the paperwork. In the video, Charles can be seen visibly struggling to keep the papers on his desk as he annoyedly signaled his assistant to clench his teeth and clear things again. Both videos have received harsh criticism from some Twitter users who consider the new monarch “arrogant” for behaving that way.

Charles III spreads virus by violently gesturing to his aide to clear his desk

Charles III was announced as the new King of England following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. At a historic ceremony held in St. James on Saturday, Elizabeth II took an oath to resemble his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and to serve until the end of her life as she was officially proclaimed king. Palace, London, England. The 73-year-old head of state told the Accession Council he will try to follow the inspiring example of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, who reportedly died on Thursday at the age of 96.

Charles succeeded his mother immediately after his death at Balmoral Palace in Scotland on Thursday, but the governing board met to declare the throne on Saturday, along with his son and heir William, wife Camilla, and Britain’s new Supreme Prime Minister Liz Truss. declared him king. Those who sign the proclamation. Minutes before signing the proclamation to signify the official accession of a Commonwealth monarch, he found himself frantically gesturing to his aides to clear the desk where he had to write his name on paper.


Of interest are a box of pens and an inkwell, two of which are believed to have been gifts to him by his children, Prince William and Prince Harry. Charles mentioned that he should have seen the camera pointing at the object and that it was immediately removed. The video received harsh criticism from some Twitter users who found the new ruler apparently arrogant about behaving that way. The servant must clear my desk for me. One person who was watching the live broadcast joked on Twitter, while another said, ‘It’s my first day at work and I’m already bored. Ha ha ha. Third, ‘Charles’ short fury over the pen plate is definitely a highlight for me.

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