A$AP Rocky Apple Tweet Rolling Loud Set Cut Short

A$AP Rocky is not happy with his performance at Rolling Loud New York. The Harlem, NY rapper issued an apology statement after the RL set was discontinued. On September 24, A$AP Rocky provided a lively 30-minute set at the 2022 Rolling Loud New York festival at Citi Field in Queens, NY, but apparently his show fell short of a lot due to A$AP Rocky’s chagrin. The testing rapper issued a ‘sorry’ statement to fans for the show’s brevity.

I’m so sick right now! The evening had to be the turning point in my live show from old to new! A$AP Rocky wrote in a statement: I will take full responsibility for the circumstances that triggered everything the show was and everything it wasn’t. Despite preparing the best show for our fans, during the period of MONTHS… Unfortunately, my heart ached as I could not achieve the vision to the end. I have to say sorry to the fans and to those who continue to support me, and thank you to everyone who came anyway!!

A$AP Rocky issued an apology after his rolling noisy New York set. cut short

The Harlem rapper takes full responsibility for the set that was interrupted after months of preparation. Rolling Loud New York was a notable event this year. Examples include the unexpected appearance of Kanye West on Playboi Carti’s set, Lil Tjay’s first gig after being shot, and the removal of the New York drill rapper from the NYPD’s deployment. Nonetheless, one of the most anticipated sets of the week’s final set was the Main Event and local New York A$AP Rocky. His Saturday set was stopped after just 30 minutes despite supercharges and assists from guests Gloria and French Montana. The unexpected ending was due to the late appearance of Rocky and the strict deadline of the police, and rapper F**kin’ Issues posted a ‘sorry’ about the incident on Twitter.

Even though he just played 9 tracks and looked exceptionally discouraged from the show footage, he actually provided a crazy set with fiery features and surprisingly crowd diving. In this remark, many fans expressed their condolences thinking about Placo’s situation. Others were critical of his recklessness, and some simply wanted to know when the next album was released. Come to think of it, A$AP Rocky said this would be the last set before dropping a new project. We’ve recently been filled with photos of Rihanna and A$AP together in the studio. So, ideally on all accounts, this set seems to usher in the next phase of his rollout and major comeback at the age of 33. While it’s disappointing that his show has been discontinued, it’s an added boost to see Rocky truly thinks often about his artistry and fans, and perhaps he will continue to work to continue providing them with something he’s proud of.

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