Aaron Carter’s fiancée “Melanie Martin” called the police while moving items from the late singer’s home.

Aaron Carter’s fiancée Melanie Martin asked the police to “keep order” while she moved her belongings from the deceased singer’s home. TMZ detailed that a woman called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office on Tuesday afternoon to ensure the process went smoothly. The moving truck was also found outside Aaron Carter’s home, according to the New York Post, where a mother wore a dyed hoodie and her co-workers had boxes piled up. It happened just days after Aaron Carter died at the age of 34 and his body was found in a bathtub. Reportedly, responders found numerous air-filled jars in the vocalist’s bathroom and room. He also detailed the fact that a prescription drug bottle was present at the scene. Melanie Martin, 30, and Aaron Carter’s dearest companion, Gary Madatyan, recently took a stroll through the house the deceased artist was apparently planning to sell.

After removing the body from the house, they allowed only a few people to enter the house. Gary Madatyan told Entertainment Tonight Monday, “We just have to go in there and see if there’s any blood or alcohol in the house. During a visit to the house, Gary Madatyan and Aaron Carter’s fiancée found aerosol cans and the body of the ‘I Want Candy’ artist. After seeing the “yellow” bath water found, Melaine Martin, Aaron Carter’s fiancée and sharing an 11-month-old child Prince with the deceased artist, later spoke of the tragic loss, saying she was utterly broken. Aaron’s death broke my heart completely. I know he’s in trouble and I could do anything to help him, she told People. The ONF couple started dating in mid-2020 and has since been known for a while. They got engaged two months later.

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Aaron Carter’s fiancée Melanie Martin is reported to have moved her belongings from the late singer’s home.

Aaron Carter’s home is bustling with activity in the days following his unexpected death. Aaron Carter’s fiancée Melanie Martin is moving her stuff and her representatives are there too. Police sources told TMZ that a woman told police she needed an agent to “keep order” while calling a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s agent to the home of her deceased vocalist on Tuesday afternoon to retrieve her assets. Two moving trucks are seen outside Aaron’s home in Lancaster, California. Besides, his fiance Melanie Martin was photographed wearing a hoodie and opening the front door. According to TMZ, the police arrived at the property within 10 minutes of receiving the report and were monitoring the situation while the move was in progress.

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Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin welcomed their child on November 22 last year, but a week later, the couple split after a quarrel over Carter’s estranged family. The ‘I’m All About You’ artist has struggled with addiction and mental health issues during her long life in recent years. In fact, he entered a rehabilitation facility in September to regain custody of his two children. It’s a tolerance program and I work with individual counselors. The ‘Aaron’s Party’ artist told Sun at that point. I actually do group therapy, parenting classes, and domestic violence classes. I was confirmed in CPR, and he simply said several things, adding that all he needed was his son back.

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