Adam Levine is accused of sending an Instagram message to a model.

Adam Levine is currently accused of sending obscene Instagram messages to two models. Shortly after Sumner Stroh’s affair allegations, which Adam Levine denied, became widespread, a woman named Alyson Rosef sent a message directly to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. know and talk [that] Right side?

In Monday’s green screen TikTok video with screenshots, Alyson Rosef assured that there were ‘much more’ messages, but decided not to share ‘inappropriate’ messages, and she said, ‘It felt really awkward to post everything. . Many of my friends knew and they were surprised, she added. “If any other woman ever met him in this… You deserve it. On the second green screen TikTok, Alyson Rosef shared screenshots of one more suspicious conversation with a performer who allegedly said he had caught Adam Levine using a fish on a fishing rod emoji.

Adam Levine is alleged to have sent obscene Instagram messages to two models.

Adam Levine is accused of sending obscene messages to a TikTok influencer. Adam Levine was recently accused of cheating on his wife Behati Prinsloo by an Instagram model. The model assured her vocalist that she had been dating her for a year with her, and later asked if she could name her child after her as well. The Maroon 5 vocalist made an announcement denying the allegations of cheating, but for a period he admitted that he had crossed the line. Following something similar, two additional models were reported accusing Adam Levine of sending flirt DMs. According to Page Six, a woman named Alyson Rosef sent a message directly to the Maroon 5 vocalist as Sumner Stroh’s affair allegations went viral. One of the known messages from Adam Levine to Rosef was: [that] Right side? In the TikTok video, Rosef claims that there are a lot more messages, but they decided not to share them because they weren’t relevant.

According to Page Six, comedian Merica sent a DM to Adam Levine via her Instagram story on Tuesday. The alleged conversation between Maryka and him included a cartoon asking for information about his marriage, which he is said to have re-written. Yes, but it’s a bit complicated. Reportedly things are getting harder and the video issues didn’t help. I might move. Regarding Sumner Stroh’s claims, Adam Levine announced that “I didn’t cheat, but at one point in my life I crossed a line.” In certain cases, it became inappropriate. I have taken an active approach to solving it and treating this with my family. The vocalist is currently expecting a third child with spouse Behati Prinsloo.

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