Adam Wahid

Facts about Adam Wahid

birthday October 29, 1992
age 29
place of birth new york usa
zodiac zodiac Scorpio
nationality American
ethnicity Egyptian
job instagram star
key 5 feet 11 inches
relationship status Single
net worth $700,000-$800,000 (see below for details)

Everyone takes a break from their busy daily life while watching interesting content. Similarly, Adam Waheed was able to get a lot of attention on social media for his funny videos. He likes to make people happy and makes them laugh. The comedian has gained nearly a million followers on social media.

What you need to know about this jolly Instagram star who has taken the Instagram comedy industry by storm since getting into gaming? We will cover everything from his family, ethnicity, career, age, net worth, etc. So read to the end.

Biography and Wiki

Adam Waheed has earned a lot of fame as an Instagram star, and Adam Waheed is best known for his hilarious content on social media. He has always worked with the best Instagram stars in the comedy industry such as Lele Pons, Anwar Jibawi and more.

The content is so comical that the audience can’t stop laughing no matter how many times they watch it. He is collaborating with various Instagram influencers to make short skits. He uploads it to his Instagram account.

As of this writing, he has already gathered over 2.4 million people on Instagram alone. The comedy series ‘When u have NO standards’ garnered more attention through word-of-mouth on Instagram.

Adam Wahid at the event

early life

Adam Waheed was born on October 29, 1992 in New York, USA. His ethnic background goes back to the Egypt where he was born. From a young age, he was always ready to make those around him laugh. Talking about his father, he decided not to say anything about him until now. Talking about his mother, he decided not to say anything about her until now. He has three sisters: Galaxy, Gabby and Sabrina.. Gabby is the wife of a wide receiver from New Orleans Saint named Emmanuel Sanders.

He spent his childhood in a very caring and loving environment. His parents were really supportive and attentive to his needs. Simply put, he had a childhood and made him the talented and successful man he is today.

He has so far not provided any insight into his educational journey.

Adam Wahid net worth

support: Since his Instagram account has over 1 million followers, the advertiser pays a certain amount for his posts. Considering the last 15 posts, the average follower engagement rate for each post is 10.04%. So, the average estimate of the amount he charges for sponsorship is $2,157.75 – $3,596.25.

Net Worth: So, valuing and calculating all the sources of income described above over a number of years, Aaron Esser’s estimated net worth is: $700,000-$800,000.

Relationship with Adam Waheed’s girlfriend

Adam Waheed is not only talented, he is a very handsome and dignified person. Anyone would want to be his girlfriend and dedicate a lifetime to it. Sadly, however, Adam chooses not to do so. He decided to remain single and focus on his career and content creation. Currently, he is thinking about how to make his content interesting and comical. It is only a matter of time before he expresses his will to commit to his serious relationship.

Looking at his social media posts, there is not a single article about his dating or criminal partner. Despite such exposure, he was a professional individual who drew the line between his personal and professional life. Also, he is a very shy and secretive individual. It is only a matter of time before he opens a romantic chapter in his life.

Adam Waheed’s height, weight and body measurements

key 5 feet 11 inches
weight No information currently available
hair Black color
Eye Black color
body measurements However, detailed statistics showing his body dimensions are unknown.
form He has the body of an athlete.
photo courtesy of adam wahid
photo courtesy of adam wahid

Rumors and Controversies

Until now, without being caught up in dramas and controversies, he has been immersed in making other people’s day with pleasant videos. And he kept it that way from day one. That’s why people love him to brighten up the day no more, no less. However, rumors about his relationship are circulating here and there, which are neither significant nor confirmed.

Adam Wahid photo shoot
Adam Wahid photo shoot

Adam Waheed’s Social Media

platform Followers (as of January 2019) link
Facebook 314k here
Twitter not created here
Instagram 2.4 million here
Youtube 92.4k here

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