Addison Rae responded when her unreleased music leaked on SoundCloud.

Addison Rae’s old song leaks to SoundCloud and she reacts to it too. We all know how Addison Rae became popular in her career as a TikToker. Where she grew up, she is now a celebrity. She got the movie on Netflix. She is in her own makeup line and is also her rising music star. Here’s what we know more about her.

Read ahead to learn more about Addison Rae’s old music leaking from SoundCloud.

Addison Rae is working towards a music career.

Addison Rae has become a popular TikTok star with 88 million followers and avid fans on the app. But that wasn’t enough for her as she was looking for more in her career. She got a role in a movie on Netflix. She also added her exposure with her own makeup line.

Apart from that, she began to focus on her singing career. As her first song came out in 2021. The title was “Obsessed”. The song also came live on Addison on the Jimmy Fallon show. But that wasn’t the only song she had. Some of her songs remained unreleased.

Old songs by Addison Rae leaked on SoundCloud.

Addison Rae even thought he had a career as a singer. What happened in between was that some of her old songs were never released to the public. But now some of her old songs have leaked to SoundCloud. She even showed her reaction.

It only happened this month when some of her songs came out on SoundCloud. The leaked album contains about 10 previously unreleased songs. It definitely makes everyone love it a lot. Addison Rae has revealed her reaction to her recent leak of her own song.

Addison Rae’s reaction to the leaked song on SoundCloud

Addison’s fans keep looking for something in her. Her songs leaked from SoundCloud were loved by everyone. In fact, she said on the 11th of August that the songs she couldn’t believe were coming out. But now she has become a favorite of her fans.

After her song leaked to SoundCloud, she said thank you to everyone who supported her. Meanwhile, she also said that everyone should be kind as they get around.

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