Adele NYE Las Vegas Residency: tickets, prices, schedule changes and other details

Singer Adele has her Las Vegas residency show coming up for everyone, now adding a few more dates. For the new year 2023, all artists are planning special events for their fans. So we had Adele add dates to her Las Vegas Residency show for her fans. So, when will the Las Vegas residency Adele’s new show open?

Read ahead to learn more about new dates and all updates from the Adele Las Vegas Residency show.

Adele Las Vegas Residency Show Announces New Dates

When Adele’s Las Vegas Residency tour was previously announced, it was rescheduled for several reasons. After her recent Las Vegas residency tour kicked off with Adele, she pitched two more dates announced for everyone.

So, if you’re excited to know when two more of Adele’s shows will open. It will then be held on December 30 and 31, 2022. The date was announced directly by Adele on her Instagram.

What’s special about the new dates for Adele Las Vegas Residency tours?

Two new dates announced by Adele for her Las Vegas residency tour will be held at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace. Adele’s Las Vegas Residency tour supports her album 30. The tour itinerary has changed a lot.

We decided to perform on November 25 and 26, 2022, and the stage on December 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and 31, 2022 will reveal . Her dates in 2023 are January 20th and 21st and many more dates.

Adele Las Vegas Residency Tour New Date Ticket Details

If you would like to attend the 2022-23 Adele Las Vegas Residency Tour. Then you should get your ticket ASAP. Pre-sale for her newly added dates will begin on November 23rd at approximately 10am PST.

Pre-sale is available through the Ticketmaster Certified Fan Program. However, registration can be done on November 21st. If the demand of fans verified by that is greater than the supply of tickets. Then there will be no public sale of tickets. So get your tickets on time.

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