Advertising on CTV gets more attention than linear TV and social video

Studies show that connected TV gets a much higher level of attention than linear TV and social video. CTV viewers watch ads for an average of 12.2 seconds before turning away, 3 seconds longer than linear TV and 5 times longer than YouTube.

In this study commissioned by the ShowHeroes Group, 80% of European viewers said they preferred CTV over YouTube and linear TV, but that percentage dropped to 72% for UK viewers.

CTV achieved an interest rate of 82% among European consumers compared to 69% for linear and 42% for social video.

The study used eye-tracking glasses and “electric skin response sensors” to measure viewers’ attention span, and the results were combined with a quantitative survey of 2,100 respondents in seven European markets.

In the UK, more than 50% of viewers watch more CTV than linear, while CTV users have, on average, two to three SVOD subscriptions. We have good news for Netflix, which said it will introduce an ad-funded subscription tier where 65% of all CTV viewers are willing to watch their content for free in exchange for seeing an ad.

The study found that UK consumers perceived CTV ads to be “more relevant, higher quality, and overall, with fewer ads” than linear and social videos like YouTube.

Other UK surveys included:

  • 57% of users were interested in seeing CTV advertisements with QR codes.
  • 37% have already used QR codes embedded in ads.
  • 74% of users preferred ads related to the content they were watching.
  • UK CTV users have been more open to more creative and interactive ad formats used by advertisers.

From a pan-European perspective, the study found that 43% of users search for a product after seeing an ad on CTV, a third visit the advertiser’s website and a fifth actively purchase the product .

Not surprisingly, 67% of users said they would prefer to see CTV ads related to the content they were watching.

Sarah Lewis, CTV Global Director, ShowHeroes Group, said, “This extensive experimentation is the first to see exactly how user experiences can manifest in front of CTV screens, with emotional responses and interest-based responses within a wider public sample of European viewers.

“Due to the high level of user interest and engagement with CTV content, our research shows that connected TV is optimally positioned to deliver a positive advertising experience.”

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