‘Afraid of the Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 14 Review: King Wes The Wicked Ruled His World

I do not want to waste my time or yours, so I will keep this review short. be afraid of the walking dead A recent horrendous excuse for a television episode.

Basically what happens is: Strand tricks Alicia into entering the tower and Daniel follows him because he thinks Ofelia is there because Luciana lied to him. That lie led Wes to join Strand. There he quickly became a true believer in both Strand, his methods and the promise of the Tower itself.

Strand then revealed to Alicia that he thought of her as his daughter and wanted to prove to her that he could create something beautiful that would be safe for everyone. He doesn’t explain why he became a complete villain to do so and started dropping people off roofs and hiring assassins to kill children. It seems like an odd way to achieve his stated goal, but by the end of the episode he flip-flops and decides that Alicia will never forgive him, so why does he have to hit the ball?

Meanwhile, Wes decides that Strand is weak and puts Strand’s men against him. Like two episodes, Wes is now Big Bad. Fear the Walking Dead. Wes, who once happily painted trees with Alicia, is now far more evil and nefarious than Strand. suddenly.

Before Daniel tells the truth, he finds Charlie pretending to be Ophelia and sits down with Charlie. Because she is also the closest to her daughter. They’re hooded as if Charlie is a chemotherapy patient. That’s very stupid.

Wes finds them and there’s a big fight and Daniel shows up intermittently, but he gets shot. Then Strand kills Wes with his saber and it’s for Wes. He’s been a secondary character for a long time, a perfectly good guy who brought almost nothing to the table or story. And then he died after being a villain for a few episodes. These guys really know how to write engaging character arcs!

Alicia tries to destroy the beacon at the top of the tower because once the lights go out the zombies scatter and the Good Guys can attack the tower. I thought Morgan alone had all the zombies around the tower follow him, but it seems that’s not the case. I mean, it’s clear that it doesn’t apply to this week’s episode anymore because it happened in last week’s episode.

Strand and Alicia fight on the roof, eventually the signal goes off and crashes, and Heroes of Texas can begin an invasion of the tower. Alicia connects her “transmitter” to the radio and the electrical device the signal is connected to. everyone in texas She needs their help and they can build a community together. Surely all these strangers will be completely trustworthy and enjoyable to work with.

But sadly the tower caught fire and burned down and it looks like we’re going out next week to find another safe place for everyone to live. because this show walking Dead, For better or for worse, if there is a community, our heroes will destroy 100% and move on. Strand actually built a pretty decent little community, and it took only a few weeks for Morgan and Alicia to mess everything up. Well done guys! Next time go find your own damn office building. There are several in Texas. I’m sure.

Yes, this was a very silly episode. It wraps up a very silly conflict over a silly office building now in charred ruins. strand is . . . Thanks to killing Wes, the real villain of this season, he’s been a good guy again. And now they’re all ruined and throwing their hooves through the Texas nuclear wasteland. That was a good joke.

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