After a vote in the House of Representatives to allow workers to form a union, the push for unions across the country extends to Capitol Hill.

Working on the Capitol for 10 years seemed like a dream job to Rich Luchette. But he knew it wouldn’t last long.

“Every day you come to work on the Capitol. You made $33,000 in my first job while working simultaneously in a living museum. I was living in an apartment with my college friends. Eat between 7 and 11,” he said. I told CBS News Nikole Killion.

Shortly after he worked, he finally reached the breaking point. January 6 Uprising.

“Working for a long time, Coronavirus Infectious Disease-19: Corona 19 And on top of that was the January 6 rebellion. We had a great time here, but now we have come to the point where we have to go,” he said.

Lucet wasn’t the only one leaving. Last year, house employee turnover reached its highest level in at least 20 years. A recent report found that one in eight MPs earns less than a living wage.

The House of Representatives passed a resolution Tuesday night. Parliamentary staff formed a union. Housekeepers can join a labor union if they wish, but are not obligated to do so by resolution.

Michigan State Representative Andy Levin, who introduced the bill, said, “It’s really great to say that Capitol employees have the right to unionize by law.”

workers on amazon, Starbucks.

Despite Starbucks’ new benefit incentives, employees unionized in more than 200 stores.

this spring, amazon worker Founded in a warehouse on Staten Island, the first union in nearly 28 years of online retailer history. But the push for unionization has attracted the attention and scrutiny of some Republican lawmakers.

Christian Smalls, chairman of the Amazon Labor Union, believes that unions have no political party involvement at all.

“It’s not about Democrats or Republicans, it’s about the workers,” Small said.

For Luchette, the Congressional action is an important opportunity he wanted years ago.

“I wish I had been a union member when I made $33,000 10 years ago? Of course… there is a perception that hard-working people should be able to support themselves,” he said.


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