After being arrested at a strip club, fans were worried about Wendy Williams’ behavior.

Wendy Williams has been making headlines for her bizarre behavior since taking a break from the health-famous series The Wendy Williams Show.

Nevertheless, the TV host aroused further concern among fans after being spotted at a strip club.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Wendy Williams Wild Night Out

The Sun recently reported that Wendy Williams is celebrating the birthday of her manager Will Shelby at Starlets NYC, a strip club in Queens, New York City.

Nevertheless, one of the attendees, Danny Ducez, took him to TikTok to share a video of the party.

However, fans quickly noticed that there was Williams in the clip with a fairly large-eyed look.

Ducez outlined the post with the caption, ‘My friend Wendy Williams didn’t know what to do this weekend’.

In the video, the former host took pictures of the club and strippers, causing concern among fans.

@dannyducez My friend Wendy Williams didn’t know how to act this weekend 😂 #tag friend #Explore #viral #wendy williams #fun video #Joke #very funny #relation #relationship goals #jaydacheaves #funny #50 cents ♬ Shmoney (feat. Quavo & Rowdy Rebel) – Bobby Shmurda

In addition, the birthday girl herself shared a series of photos of her special day at the strip club.

Throughout the video montage, you can see inside a room filled with smoke, including dancing strippers and tossing piles of bills. One of the photos also appeared blunt.

Williams’ manager Shelby previously revealed that the 58-year-old broadcaster doesn’t seem to be herself in the past few days, especially after she lost her iconic purple spot.

Also, she said, ‘It’s not perfect. Do you have any concerns on my behalf? No, I just think Wendy is Wendy. She has a lot of work to do now.’

Fans react to Wendy Williams’ actions.

Fans immediately took to their respective social gatherings to express their concerns about Wendy Williams’ unusual behavior at the Queen’s Club.

One user commented, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on with Miss Wendy?’

Another added, ‘I hope she’s okay.’

‘Unless someone takes her home.’

On the other hand, other users said, ‘Okay Wendy came out well!!! Yes.’

But someone disagreed with them. ‘She is not. She smiles and looks nervous.’

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