After The Weeknd lost his voice, he apologized to fans after his LA concert.

The Weeknd recently faced a difficult situation in which he had to give his voice on stage and cancel the broadcast midway. Needless to say, some artists have been really busy performing back to back for this year’s tour. Among them, The Weeknd performed. But now he has canceled his show, and fans are saddened by it.

Read ahead to learn more about how Weekend cancels a show during a show.

weekend and his trip

We have hosted many music tours and festivals this year. This year, some artists are preparing solo tours. Some are leading tours. The Weeknd has been busy with tours this year as well. In fact, he has been broadcasting consecutively since July of this year.

Not only that, but recently, he is also performing for fans in Los Angeles. However, this weekend is a very busy schedule, so the recent performance has no choice but to end midway.

The Weeknd canceled the show during the show.

One of the recent Weekend shows at Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles. The singer stopped performing midway after losing her voice. During the performance on the arena, the singer sang three songs. But she lost her voice while she was doing ‘Can’t Feel My Face’. After that, The Weeknd stopped performing and walked out of the stage.

Don’t forget that user nadiasultanx’s TikTok video is going viral on the internet. A place to watch The Weeknd return to the stage to apologize to everyone for losing his voice and canceling the show.

@nadiasultanx It hurts so much 😭 @The Weeknd #weekend #Abel #viral #los angeles ♬ Original sound – Nadia ناديا

Fan reaction to The Weeknd’s loss of voice during a performance

Surely, fans of The Weeknd will have seen just how busy the singer’s schedule is. Fans of the singer are not happy about the cancellation of the show. As the Weeknd lost his voice. However, he is praising the singer’s move, who returned to apologize directly without posting on social media.

Some users even said that Weekend should take a break. Some said it wasn’t his fault that he lost his voice, even though he’s been performing a lot since July.

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