Airbnb ‘hidden camera’ TikTok: Police investigation reveals truth

An Airbnb customer discovers a hidden camera at a lodge and calls the police to investigate. Airbnb has evolved into a great lodging option for guests in one place. A shocking revelation from a recent guest has made everyone take the matter seriously. The police have also been notified to conduct an investigation. But what is it all about guests on Airbnb?

Read ahead to learn more about the shocking revelations Airbnb guests make.

Airbnb guest found hidden camera in Philadelphia house

Although everyone is familiar with the services of the American company Airbnb. The company provides accommodations to its guests. It is a great alternative to the hotel reservation facilities offered to our customers. This is because there are many different property owners registered with Airbnb.

However, there seems to be a problem with an Airbnb guest staying at a Philadelphia house. While the woman who was staying in the house was traveling with other women. She secretly found her camera in her Philadelphia home where she was staying. It surprised everyone.

Airbnb guest finds about 10 cameras in Philadelphia home

On Twitter on June 12, an Airbnb guest named “foxytaughtyou” shared with her all her experiences at the home she booked in Philadelphia. Sharing her experience, she said she was staying in a house with about 10 hidden cameras throughout the house.

In fact, the cameras were in the bedrooms and showers. She shared that she also had some cameras hidden in her home’s sprinkler system. After that, she warned everyone about Airbnb check-ins. It’s a shock that everyone knows.

Police investigating a hidden camera problem in a Philadelphia home

An Airbnb guest said she wasn’t able to spend intimate time at home as it was a female trip. But she changed her clothes in a room with a hidden camera. A question has been raised about Airbnb’s services. Meanwhile, the police have obtained the relevant information and are investigating.

Airbnb has decided to reward guests for having trouble staying at their Philadelphia home. They also removed the property owner’s name from the list. They also said they will not tolerate what happened to their guests at any cost. So they can take action against the landlord.

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