Al Gore Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Experience, Awards

Al Gore is an American politician, environmentalist and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $300 million. He was honored in Time magazine’s special issue “Heroes of the Environment” (Leader and Business Section).

He attended Harvard, first devoted to military service, journalism, and later entered law school, but soon dropped out to pursue a career in politics.

Gore was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1976, 1978, 1980, and 1982, and to the United States Senate in 1984 and 1990. In 1993, he was inaugurated as the 45th Vice President of the United States, where he remained for eight years.

After his tenure as vice president in 2001, Gore came to prominence as a writer and environmentalist and was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize (together with the IPCC) for his work on the climate change movement.

Outside of politics, Al Gore is the co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment Management and the founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to solving climate problems. He is also a senior partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Apple Inc. It is a member of the board of directors.

Al Gore net worth

net worth 300 million dollars
name Al Gore
country USA
age 72 years
income $30M – 40M (annual estimate)
last update 2022
Al Gore’s estimated net worth.

Al Gore Net Worth Growth

Below is the projected growth in Al Gore’s net worth over the past five years.

2022 net worth 300 million dollars
2021 net worth $280 million
2020 net worth $250 million
net worth in 2019 220 million dollars
2018 net worth $210 million

early life

Albert Arnold Gore Jr. was born March 31, 1948 in Washington, DC, to Albert Gore Sr., a former Tennessee Senator and US House of Representatives, and Pauline Gore, one of the first women to graduate from Vanderbilt University Law School. He had a brother, Nancy LaFon Gore, who died of lung cancer.

high school life

From 1956 to 1965, Gore worked at St. He attended Albans School, where he was captain of the American football team, played discus for the track team, and participated in basketball, arts and government. He graduated 25th out of 51 students. Gore applied and was accepted at Harvard University.

During the school year, he and his family lived at the Fairfax Hotel on Embassy Row, Washington DC. During the summer he worked on Gores’ family farm in Carthage, Tennessee, where he grew tobacco and hay and raised cattle.

University life

gore attend harvard college I got my AB cum laude in 1969.

I majored in English and wanted to write novels, but I changed my mind and majored in government. On his second day on campus, he campaigned for the freshman student body and was elected president.

Gore was an avid reader fascinated by science and mathematical theory. In his third year he took classes taught by oceanographer and global warming theorist Roger Revelle, who captured his interest in the subject.

Military career and journalism

Although Gore opposed the Vietnam War, he fulfilled his civic duty and enlisted in the U.S. Army in August 1969. After his basic training, Gore was deployed as a military reporter for the Fort Rucker base newspaper, the Army Flyer.

In 1970, Gore’s father was re-elected. US SenateThanks to his liberal stance on several topics, including the Vietnam War and citizenship.

Gore was transported to Vietnam with seven months left in his enlistment, arriving in 1971. He served in the 20th Engineer Brigade in Bien Hoa and the Army Engineers Command in Long Binh.

Journalists and Early Politics

Gore returned to the United States in 1971 and began working as a reporter for Tennessean. Later, when he was transferred to city politics, Gore exposed a convicted political and bribery charge.

In 1974, after graduating from Vanderbilt University, Gore attended Vanderbilt Law School and studied philosophy and phenomenology in Tennessee.

Gore dropped out of law school in 1976 to run for Congress from Tennessee. He has run for public office four times. He also made his first appearance on C-SPAN.

In 1984, Gore successfully ran for the US Senate seat left by Republican Minority Leader Howard Baker. Later, he became a strong advocate of the High-Performance Computing and Telecommunications Act of 1991, which significantly expanded the Internet.

groundbreaking political career

In 1988, Al Gore ran as the Democratic presidential nominee. He won five southern states but was defeated by the Dukakis. Gore served in the Senate until 1992, when presidential candidate Bill Clinton chose him as his running mate.

They were elected that year and in 1996. During his tenure, Gore worked to reduce bureaucratic bureaucracy. However, his image was damaged as the Justice Department investigated his fundraising activities.

Gore was nominated for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2000 despite initial challenges from former Senator Bill Bradley.

Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut was chosen as Gore’s running mate, making him the first Orthodox Jew to vote for a major national party vote. Gore conceded defeat to Republican George W. Bush in the presidential election after five weeks of complex legal battles over the voting system.


Gore has authored numerous books, contributed to feature papers, and has won several prestigious awards for his work.

Some of his books that Gore wrote are:

  • Government Like Business: Lessons Learned from America’s Best Companies in 1997.
  • From bureaucracy to results: 2001 created a government that works better and costs less.
  • The Inconvenient Truth 2006: The Planetary Emergencies of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It
  • 101 questions and answers about climate change and knowing climate change from the 2008 ‘Save the Earth series’.
  • Our choice in 2009.
  • The Future: Six drivers of global change in 2013.

other works

Gore is the co-founder and chairman of the $36 billion Generation Management company. He recently announced an investment of $1.7 billion in his company.

He is also the founder and president of the Climate Reality Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to solving climate problems.

In 2005, Gore founded Current TV, a new liberal television network. The cable network eventually expanded to more than 60 million households in the United States. Gore announced the sale of the channel to Al-Jazeera.

He also serves on the board of directors of Apple Inc. and is a senior partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Gore also founded the Alliance for Climate Protection. This coalition later became the We campaign and helped arrange Live Earth charity concerts.

In 2020, he helped create Climate TRACE to independently monitor global greenhouse gas emissions, and in 2021 spoke at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland.


Gore used his links to make smart investments in technology and media. he exercised his choice 59,000 Apple stock He earned it while serving on the company’s board of directors since 2003 earlier this year.

According to Bloomberg, the stock is one of 101,358 Apple options, a restricted stock that Gore bought for a total of $45.6 million.

Gore in stock eBay and Amazon besides apple

In 2011, he ventured into a new company called VideoSurf, which owns $28,000,000.

Awards and achievements

Gore has many honors during his vast and varied career. He was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his intergovernmental panel on climate change.

Some of the many honors and awards Gore has won include:

  • In 2009, Gore won a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for his book An Inconvenient Truth.
  • In 2007, he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Current Television.
  • In 2005 and 2009, it received a Webby Award and a NAACP Image Award, respectively.
  • Gore is also the subject of the Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth and the 2017 sequel, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.
  • In 2007, he was ranked #2 by Time Magazine as Person of the Year 2007.
  • Gore received the 2008 Dan David Award for Social Responsibility.


Gore has been criticized for its role in petitioning the EPA for less stringent pollution regulations on the North Carolina River. Critics believe he has a conflict of interest because he advocates taxpayer subsidies for green energy technologies he personally engages in. His book An Inconvenient Truth was also criticized.

Moreover, he was disciplined for using above-average energy flying a private aircraft and owning a very large fortune. One of them was reported in 2007 using excessive amounts of electricity. Gore was also disciplined after selling his television channel Current. In 2012 he sent a TV to Al Jazeera for about $100 million.

personal life

Al Gore married Mary Elizabeth “Tipper” Aitcheson in 1970 at the Washington National Cathedral and they have four children: Karenna Gore, Kristin Carlson Gore, Sarah LaFon Gore and Albert Arnold Gore III.

In 2010, the two announced their breakup after a long time of deliberation.

Gore began dating Elizabeth the Keys in Rancho Santa Fe, California in 2012.


Gore owns a total of $100 million in assets worldwide, including: $9 million mansion in california And a mansion in Tennessee.

Gore lives in a mansion outside Nashville, Tennessee. There is a 20-room house (except 8 bathrooms) heated with natural gas, a pool, a full house, and a separate guest house, all of which are gas heated. He appears to use more energy per month than the average American household uses in a year, and his monthly bills for electricity and natural gas total over $2400.

Unknown Facts about Al Gore:

  • Gore attended Harvard, got a 1350 on the SAT, and is fluent in Spanish.
  • During his second year, Gore is said to have spent most of his time watching television, filming swimming pools, and occasionally consuming marijuana.
  • He is the first and only Vice President born in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States.
  • Gore worked as a Tennessean and Army reporter.
  • Gore only drives hybrid vehicles.
  • Gore is a huge fan of the Tennessee Titans football team.

Al Gore net worth

As of 2022, Al Gore’s net worth is estimated at around $300 million. He has amassed wealth through various interests and careers. He is a journalist, politician, environmentalist, Nobel laureate and investor.

Gore led an interesting life. Whether he’s a true environmentalist or a swindler who has built his fortune through fraud, he has made a huge contribution to the way we perceive the world and energy use.

When he lost his campaign against President George W. Bush, his name didn’t even have two million dollars. His relationship with Al-Jazeera and subsequent sales opened a new financial chapter in Gores’ life. His investment in Apple Inc allowed him to double his fortune in just a few weeks.

When Current TV was sold to Al-Jazeera, which Gore helped launch, he made about $100 million.

He is a Nobel laureate and many people around the world find his writings relevant and insightful. He also won a prize of $1.5 million in prize money.

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