Al Jazeera reporter shot dead while covering West Bank raid

Al Jazeera was shot and killed while covering an Israeli airstrike in Jenin, West Bank district of the Jordan River. outlet report.

Citing the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the media reported that Shirin Abu Akle was shot dead by Israeli security forces.

The Israel Defense Forces, along with the Israeli security forces, said on Twitter that they were “working on counter-terrorism activities to arrest suspected terrorists at the Jenin refugee camp.”

The IDF said Palestinian militants opened fire and Israeli soldiers opened fire. Journalists say they are investigating the possibility of being shot by Palestinian militants.

Israel has carried out air strikes almost daily in the occupied West Bank in recent weeks, many of them deadly internal Israeli strikes by Palestinians from inside and outside Jenin.

Al-Jazeera Ramallah bureau chief Walid al-Omari said he had never opened fire by Palestinian militants, al-Jazeera reported.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Rapids Tweet Israel says it has proposed a joint pathological investigation into the killings to the Palestinians.

“Journalists must be protected in conflict zones, and we all have a responsibility to access the truth,” Lapid said.

“Israeli security forces will continue to operate wherever necessary to prevent terrorism and the killing of Israelis,” he wrote.

Abu Akleh is a famous Palestinian journalist for the station’s Arabic channel.

She was wearing a vest indicating that she was a journalist at the time of the murder, al-Jazeera reported.

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