Alessandro Michele steps down as Gucci’s creative director

Alessandro Michele steps down as Gucci’s creative director. It would end his eight-year tenure helping the fashion house redefine the code with gender fluidity.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Alessandro Michele to leave Gucci

Kering SA, which owns Gucci, announced on Wednesday that Alessandro Michele is leaving the fashion house’s creative directorship.

Michele also explained that while staying true to the House’s famous codes, his groundbreaking creativity played a fundamental role in shaping the brand it is today.’

Meanwhile, Michelle released a statement about leaving the brand.

It was the content that ‘there are times when the road diverges because each person’s point of view is different’.

He also said, ‘An extraordinary journey of more than 20 years ends today in a company that has tirelessly dedicated all its love and creative passion to it.’

Also, Marco Bizzari, CEO and president of Gucci, expressed his gratitude to Michele.

He thanked the 49-year-old designer for ’20 years of dedication to Gucci and his vision, dedication and unconditional love for this unique house’.

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Why Alessandro Michele is leaving Gucci

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Alessandro Michele has decided to step down after failing to comply with the company’s request to “start a strong design transition.”

Moreover, the report revealed that Francois-Henri Pinault, chairman of Gucci’s parent company, Kering, is looking to revamp the fashion house.

However, Michelle put forward a ‘different perspective’ as the reason for getting off.

If you didn’t know, Gucci announced Michele as creative director in January 2015. The announcement came days after he led the creative team for a menswear show following the hasty departure of his predecessor.

Michele, meanwhile, has been a stellar earner for Gucci for most of her tenure. However, he came under the scrutiny of Kerings after he underperformed his recent rivals.

Besides that, Michele has led Gucci campaigns for celebrities such as Dakota Johnson, Harry Styles and Lana Del Ray. He also wore costumes for Billie Eilish, Florence Welch, Jared Leto, and the Italian rock band Maneskin.

In the meantime, Kering has yet to reveal Michele’s successor, but hinted that new changes await in the fashion house’s future.

Furthermore, Gucci’s press release states that until a “new creative director” is announced, the Gucci design office will overlook the brand’s output.


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