Alexis Christina leaves Ex On the Beach season 6 Check out why?

Thursday night, Ex On The Beach is back with a new dramatic episode. where’s the lie? is the title of the book. Alexis Christina bombed this week, and Ray’s player mindset has finally caught up with him. She also surprised everyone and left, thinking she deserved more.

Alexis Christina finally got the lockdown.

Alexis Christina felt it was time to continue this week at Ex On Beach. She expressed her pride in her own progress and her joy in being able to finally let go of her past. The Ex On the Beach actress announced that she had brought other couples together and that she had finally got the closure she was looking for from Ray. She decided that there was nothing more she could do with the show and said goodbye to the cast.

Ray continued to send embarrassing texts.

But Ray continued to send her confusing messages. Despite repeatedly declaring that she wants her presence in her own life, he never paid her attention to her, and made no effort to get to know her or resolve her differences. In fact, later in the program Ray blamed Alexis Christina for their breakup because of poor communication and she allowed him to go to ‘Love Island’. Instead of accepting responsibility for lying and cheating on angry fans, Ray shifts the burden on Alexis Christina.

Alexis Christina fans reaction

Many followers gathered on Twitter to criticize Ray for the bad treatment of his ex. One fan wrote on Twitter: “Ray is an example of not accepting responsibility and ownership.” He misled and wasted the time of several women. If you already had a girlfriend, why did you go to Love Island!? #exonbeach “Someone trying to get fame for 15 minutes.” One fan said, “@RayGantt is attractive and handsome, but being a man means taking responsibility for #exonbeach’s own actions.” “Ray has a problem with lying. How can you continue to lie while admitting that you lied? One fan thought “#ExOnTheBeach”. One follower said, “This would be very humiliating as one woman came into Ray and treated them all mercilessly and mercilessly, and none of that felt like the real #ExOnTheBeach, even if I was sorry.”

Ray is the perfect example of a person who refuses to accept responsibility and ownership. He misled and wasted the time of several women. If you already had a girlfriend, why did you go to Love Island!? #exon the beach #exon the beach #exon the beach #exon the beach #exon the beach #exon thebe



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