All victims of the Texas school shooting were in the same classroom, officials said.

State public safety officials confirmed that all people killed in the Texas elementary school shooting were in one classroom.

At least 19 children aged 5 to 11 and two adults were killed Tuesday at Rob Elementary School in Yuvalde, Texas, after an 18-year-old boy entered school with a pistol and opened fire.

The shooter, named 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, was shot and killed by police at the scene.

The eight children killed in the attack are 8-year-old Uziyah Garcia, Amerie Jo Garza, Makenna Lee Elrod, Xavier Javier Lopez, Jose Flores, Navaeh Brown, Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez and Ellie Lugo, all 10 years old. Another teacher, Irma Garcia, was also named a shooting victim by her family.

Tuesday’s massacre was the worst massacre in an American elementary school in nearly a decade since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, killing 20 children and six adults.

The massacre shook Uvalde, a small town of about 16,000 people located 130 kilometers (80 miles) west of San Antonio.

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