Amanda Bynes denied being naked in a nude bathtub photo of a woman with pink hair.

‘She is a man’ actress Amanda Bynes has clarified allegations of nude photos. She talked about it and explained that it was fake.

The 36-year-old star went out to clarify speculations about her naked body in the photo. The photo has gone viral since it was posted on Twitter earlier this week. It shows a naked woman in a bathtub.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Amanda Bynes denied being in a recent nude photo circulating on the internet.

In an interview with TMZ, Bynes revealed that she never clicks on nude photos of herself. So, she’s not the one floating around on the internet, but she’s a self-proclaimed actress.

She also confirmed that there was no link to the Twitter account where the photo first appeared.

Twitter user @PersianLa27 posted a picture of the back of a woman naked on all fours. The woman in the photo is bathing in her bathtub with her pink hair on.

Bynes’ attorney Tamar Arminak added that their legal team had struggled for years to deactivate the Twitter account in question, but to no avail.

Arminak went on to say that Twitter denied the page’s removal request because it was a “celebrity parody page.”

Bynes’ added to her statement that her team appealed to Twitter using her nine-year management position as a catalyst. But the social media mogul never made a decision.

@PersianLa27 has recently changed to a private account. Content can only be viewed by approved followers.

Arminak said, ‘There’s nothing funny about what she’s going through in terms of mental health and it’s disgusting that Twitter thought it appropriate to keep a parody account of what she was going through.’

Amanda Bynes Arguing With Fiance Paul Michael

Amanda Bynes is facing two tough weeks. A few weeks ago, the California-born beauty had an intense fight with her fiance, Paul Michael. As a result of the confrontation, both sides called 911.

The What Girl Wants star accused Michael of abusing drugs and watching disgusting pornography. She also claimed that he destroyed his mother’s house after their quarrel.

The actress revealed that Michael stopped taking the drug on Thursday, April 28, in a post shared on her Instagram account. She also mentioned that she kicked him out of the house after finding his behavior surprising.



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