Amber Group Announces Q3 2022 Release of Openverse, Gateway to Metaverse

Singapore, May 11, 2022amber groupThe leading global digital asset platform announced today that it has entered the metaverse with the launch of Openverse, a Web3-enabled platform for creators, brands and businesses. As the pinnacle of Amber Group’s multi-disciplinary expertise in digital architecture and blockchain-based infrastructure, Openverse serves as a gateway to the metaverse, providing tools and services to Web2 creators, brands, and businesses to transition to Web3.

As the metaverse economy is expected to reach 13 trillion dollars By 2030, the Openverse marks the Amber Group’s venture into building the Web3 community. Scheduled for release in Q3 2022, Openverse is an important milestone in the Amber Group’s plans to support businesses, industry and society as they transition to Web3. As a one-stop platform, Openverse will create an entry point into the metaverse by providing an end-to-end creative and digital infrastructure for creators, brands and businesses.

“Digital assets are the first step towards realizing a decentralized future that unlocks new digital experiences by empowering people to create and connect online communities. There’s been a lot of interest in the metaverse, but mostly conceptual. With Openverse, we are taking a solid step towards creating this digital reality for all. Backing our expertise and partnerships within the digital asset ecosystem, Openverse is at the forefront of onboarding businesses and communities to the metaverse, unlocking the true potential of decentralization.” said Michael Wu, CEO of Amber Group.

Openverse is designed as a Web3-enabled platform powered by leading real-time 3D rendering technology to create an experience digital world for all users. The platform is accessible on mobile, desktop and VR platforms and features features such as real-time content interaction, gameplay, customizable digital avatars and an NFT rating system. Openverse will also leverage Amber Group’s flagship digital asset platform, WhaleFin, for crypto financial services, creating synergies with the company’s thriving consumer business line, expanding the reach of digital asset services.

“We are excited to launch Openverse. And in the coming months, we will be turning the possibilities of the metaverse into reality. We are forging strong partnerships with game studios, sports brands, digital artists and creators to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual economies while developing a gateway for everyone to travel together on the metaverse. This will not only encourage more Web2 users to migrate to the metaverse, but it will also herald a new era of digital assets worldwide.” said Jo Xu, CEO of Openverse.

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