Amber Heard alleges that Johnny Depp hit her in the head in December 2015.

After being charged with domestic violence against Johnny Depp in court last week, all of Amber Heard’s testimony has been dissected on social media, including whether her injuries were the result of an argument with her ex-husband.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star sued for defamation over comments Heard wrote about domestic violence for the Washington Post in 2018. She is claiming $100 million in damages.

Heard said he was hit in the head by Depp while testifying in court on December 5, 2015.

Accusations that Amber Heard was a victim of domestic violence when she married Johnny Depp sparked controversy on the Internet. Some have speculated that her wounds were the result of a physical quarrel with her ex-husband, who raised her eyebrows to her.

Depp’s fans are actively posting messages online suggesting that the bruise on Heard’s face was the result of a cosmetic treatment and not a fight.

Following her testimony on May 5, a Twitter user tweeted two photos for comparison. One is a woman with botox bruising and the other is a close-up photo of Heard.

Amber Heard testified on May 5 that Depp hit her in the head during a physical argument in December 2015. She claimed that Depp repeatedly yelled at her as she slapped herself with her fists.

A photo of Amber Heard was released in court while she testified days after the alleged quarrel. She said she had to hide her wounds and freeze her swollen face so no one would notice.

Fans also relied on social media to assert that Heard was not a victim of abuse and compared her photos to Rihanna’s.

Amber Heard’s remarks provoked the ire of plastic surgeons.

London plastic surgeon Dr. Dan Dhunna told Newsweek about the scenario. He explained that bruising can be caused by a variety of factors, making it difficult to determine the cause of the bruise.

According to plastic surgeons, some photos may resemble patterns created with filler therapy.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp got married in 2015. But Heard filed for divorce and a temporary restraining order against the Star a year later.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star sued Heard for defamation, alleging domestic violence in an article she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. She is demanding $100 million in damages.

The trial will resume on Monday, May 16.

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