Amber Heard provides ‘Bloody Lip’ photo after allegation of attack by Johnny Depp Depp’s legal team says it’s fake.

Amber Heard detailed the attack she suffered at the hands of ex-husband Johnny Depp. In her ongoing defamation trial with Depp, the actress took her stand and claimed that the incident left her with bloody lips.

Heard’s legal team provided evidence of her injury by presenting photos in court. Nevertheless, the photo was shot and shot by a judge because it was not presented in time for trial.

Depp’s lawyers, meanwhile, are arguing that the timeline in the photo does not match Heard’s claims.

Here’s everything you need to know.

A photo of Amber Heard’s bloody lips was rejected by the court.

Amber Heard has been under investigation since the defamation trial with Johnny Depp began on April 11.

Heard responded after Depp brought a defamation lawsuit against Heard, alleging that she had physically abused her.

At trial, Heard claimed that Depp slapped her in the mouth in one of the fights.

She said, ‘I was in one of these fights. I believe this is in his downtown ECB. We call it the attic. We were in the kitchen living room when he reached out to me.’

She also said, ‘And you know he (Depp) wears this ring a lot. I remember feeling like my lips got into my teeth and there was some blood on the wall. It’s very simple and there’s a little blood on the wall.’

source: TMZ

According to Heard, after the fight, she took a picture of her lip wounded. The actress is seen holding a note that reads ‘I will return xxx’. In her testimony, Heard said it was a note that Depp left after the fight.

Heard’s legal team wanted to present the same picture, but Depp’s lawyers objected. He said Heard’s lawyers did not submit photos during the discovery stage of the case.

The judge agreed with Depp’s attorney. Therefore, photographs were not provided as evidence.

Depp’s legal team goes further and says the photo is from 2012. However, Heard’s eyewitness accounts said the first incident of violence occurred in 2013, and the bloody lips were photographed a year later.

Meanwhile, sources close to Heard said the Aquaman actress ruined their date after the British incident, and her medical records document that Depp’s abuse began in 2012.

Nevertheless, the widely known trial of Johnny v. Amber is currently suspended for a week. It will resume on May 16th.



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